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Safe beverage handling thanks to Craemer plastic pallets

The beverage industry benefits from the customised pallet solutions the Craemer Group has to offer. These extremely durable and robust pallets guarantee safe handling in both internal and external beverage logistics.

Extremely durable in high-rack systems – non-slip handling

The CR plastic pallet ranks among the most successful load carriers produced by Craemer and is used in the beverage industry all over the world. Due to its integrated reinforcement profiles and the anti-slip coated strips on the top deck, this versatile industrial pallet is ideal for handling heavy loads. Even in high-rack systems it is capable of secure beverage storage with weights of up to 1.750 kg. The CR plastic pallet is just one example of Craemer's innovative industry solutions. Best known for their excellent load bearing capacity and varying functions, they can facilitate safe and efficient processes. Craemer's pallets are suitable for pooling and can be used universally throughout the supply chain. They ensure safe beverage handling in manual and automated systems, when being moved by forklifts, in high-rack systems and even in the storage of, for example, containers of deep-frozen concentrates.

Versatility at work – worldwide

Whether light or heavy beverage containers, Craemer has developed customised solutions for the storage and transport of drums and containers as well as cartons and plastic crates containing bottles or six packs of cans. "We cater to the individual needs of our customers and their industry", says Gordon Darbyshire, Sales Manager of Craemer’s UK production facility in Telford, Shropshire.

Innovation inspired by research and development

At the Group's headquarters in Germany new products are not only developed, they also undergo rigorous testing. "Before our pallets leave the premises they have passed a wide range of quality and stress tests. For example, we test their shape retention and stability at extreme temperatures in our climate chambers", says Darbyshire. "Our solutions are every bit as varied as the requirements of our customers. Because of our international presence, network of distribution partners and the close relationships with our customers, Craemer is well positioned to identify market trends and requirements early and develop new and innovative products and solutions in a short timeframe."

More information on our CR3-5 industrial pallets (1200 mm x 1000 mm)



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