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Fish Boxes

The fish boxes are designed for the daily use at sea and on shore and fulfil all requirements of the international fishing industry. Craemer fish boxes are perfect for a variety of applications within the supply chain, whether it is catching, processing or trading.



  • Available in various sizes and versions
  • Made from pure PE
  • Long lifetime thanks to high manufacturing quality
  • Low breakage rate, exceptionally impact resistant
  • Robust handles
  • Nestable, stackable
  • Arrow marking as visual support for stacking
  • Smooth surface with taper for efficient drainage
  • Standard fitted with Craemer drainage system, which laterally drains the water to the front side
  • No water collection after washing thanks to optimised base geometry



  • Integration of RFID transponder for full net-to-plate traceability (selected versions)
  • Perforated side walls (20 kg fish box)
  • Lid (25 kg fish box)
  • With or without base openings
  • Individual marking by own colour or labelling
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Fish Boxes | Data sheet (PDF)
Art. no.
Length x width x height Outer dimensions (mm)
Length x width x height Internal dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
Holding Capacity
Extra Load
Stacking height inside each other
Stacking height on top of each other
81661010 Craebox 50 kg / 70 l, stackable, with base perforation 813 x 483 x 220 757 x 475 x 208 4.6 kg 70 l PE 50 kg 500 kg 0 mm 223 mm white
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