Metal forming
Metal forming

The supplier awards from the automotive suppliers Keiper and Johnson Controls prove: Craemer is a reliable partner – from development and manufacture through to logistics.

Metal forming

Established supplier for global brand manufacturers

Craemer is a specialist for constructing and manufacturing complex metal components and a well-known international supplier for the automotive, commercial vehicle, large domestic appliance and heating industries. The sheet metal components are sold to leading car producers, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM, Volkswagen and Audi. Miele and other world brands are being supplied with white goods. The Craemer Group is one of the leading European manufacturers in the high volume serial production of car-modules, particularly components for seating structure and seatbelts.

We process:
  • sheet steel,
  • high-strength sheet steel,
  • high-grade steel and
  • aluminium sheet
Manufacturing process:
  • hydraulic and mechanical presses with progressive die, transfer and servo direct technology
  • as well as modern facilities for assembly production.
  • Press capacity of between 3,150 and 25,000 kilonewton at a
  • maximum table-length of 8,000 millimeters.
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Specialist for sophisticated metal formed parts

Craemer’s metal forming looks back on a long tradition: the company has invested over a century of know-how and experience in this activity. Sophisticated metal formed parts for various industries are manufactured in three metal pressing plants, using the latest technology and machines. Craemer’s speciality are precision-stamped and large parts and the assembly of complex groups.

Reliable partner for global brand manufacturers

Today the Craemer Group enjoys international recognition as an established supplier for the automotive and commercial vehicles industry, as well as for the industries manufacturing large household and heating appliances. Metal  components from Craemer are supplied to leading automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM, Volvo, Volkswagen, Porsche, Skoda and Audi, metal parts for white goods to the company Miele and other global brand manufacturers.

European market leader in mass production

With its large-scale serial production of car-modules, particularly components for seating structure and seatbelts, Craemer ranks among the leading European producers. The company processes steel sheet, high-strength steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and aluminium sheet of up to five millimeters gauge. Craemer’s metal pressing plants are equipped with high-perfomance hydraulic and mechanical presses for progressive die and transfer operation, as well as  with state-of-the-art installations for the production of assembly groups. More than ten years ago Craemer introduced servo direct technology as a standard. The presses work with capacities of 3,150 to 25,000 kilonewton and table-lengths measuring up to eight metres.

Complete solutions with Just-in-Time supply

Whether small, medium- or large-scale series: for customers Craemer brings off the complete solution with a “just-in-time” supply concept. Maximum quality standards, regular exchange of experiences with customers, partners and industries, continuing investments in technology and know-how: with all these strengths Craemer remains a strong partner for the future.

Metal forming
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