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The separation of recyclable materials, recycling as well as strict laws turn the collection, transport and sorting of household and commercial waste into complex tasks. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality wheelie bins (MGB) and a long-standing supplier to the waste management industry, Craemer has developed a practice-oriented range of products. Innovative solutions for waste disposal are, for example, the 2 or 4-wheel MGBs, mostly made of high-quality plastic regranulate. The impact-resistant plastic material is particularly weatherproof, resistant to UV light and ageing, and withstands numerous chemicals and acids.

Particularly stable: The MGBneo series with 120 to 360 litres

In the 2-wheel range with standard noise insulation, the MGBneo series (with a capacity of 120 to 360 litres) is economical and particularly stable thanks to uniform wall thicknesses and all-round reinforcement. Possible for the first time, the 13-bin stacking of some sizes saves transport and storage costs. Other features: Replaceable lid bolts for easy lid replacement; embossed spots on the lid and the body; external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (200 or 250 mm diameter for 120-240 l; 200 or 300 mm diameter for 340-360 l); available in grey, green, brown, blue, yellow and red.

For extensive daily use: MGBplus with 120 to 240 litres

The MGBplus series (120-240 l) is particularly stable and robust. Thanks to reinforcement in the front area and reinforcements on the wheel case and axle bearing, they are ideally suited for extensive daily use (for example, with faster lifting cycles). The external chassis consists of rubber-tyred wheels (200 or 250 mm diameter).

Craemer classics for private households: MGB 60 and 80

Due to their smaller capacity (60 and 80 l), the Craemer classics MGB 60 and 80 are particularly suitable for household waste separation. Their features: Comb lift receiver with support struts and guiding ribs for high load capacity and work safety; external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (200 mm diameter).

DU bins for picking up and emptying 2-wheeled bins

The Craemer Diamond transfer containers (DU) with a front apron for picking up and emptying 2-wheeled containers are a complement. With a capacity of 60 to 240 litres, they are ideal for the operation of side loader thanks to safe self-centring. Other features: Firm bin seat thanks to a large locking surface and external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (200 mm diameter).

MGB extras, sheet steel containers and plastic pallet boxes 

The plastic MGBs include optional extras and accessories – lids with different insertion openings, “lid within the lid” systems or lock systems. Moreover, Craemer offers MGB (240 and 1100 l) and large containers (2500-8000 l) made of hot-dip galvanised sheet steel, for industrial and factory waste disposal as well as for oily operating materials, hot waste and very large quantities of waste. Craemer plastic pallet boxes such as the robust UN-certified CB for hazardous goods areas and the extremely robust SB3 are also suitable for waste collection.

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