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Craemer Euro pallets: Durable and maintenance-free

The more complex the application, the higher the performance requirements for load carriers. Craemer Euro pallets offer numerous advantages for daily handling: They are robust, maintenance-free and convince with their long lifetime. Whether hygienic pallets, Euro pallets for lighter loads or robust heavy-duty pallets for automated processes - the wide portfolio of Craemer Euro pallets offers the right solution for every application. Discover the range of high-quality Craemer Euro pallets:

Euro Pallets 1200 x 800 mm

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  • Ideal for intralogistics processes
  • Compatible with new and old systems
  • EURO L1®: Identical in construction to a wood Euro pallet


  • Totally Closed - permanently completely closed for heavy duty applications
  • Patented welding geometry
  • Heavy duty hygiene pallet
  • Compatible with all closed pallets in the market


  • Bestselling pallet with RFID technology
  • Best quality for complex applications
  • Ideally suited for high rack warehouses and automated processes
  • CR2: Easy handling, ideal for non-automated distribution processes


  • Europe’s No.1 hygiene pallet with welded runners
  • Standard in the meat industry since more than 20 years
  • EURO H1: only plastic pallet with comprehensive exchangeability
  • Black version: With unwelded runners. Ideal for medium loads in non-food areas
  • H2: Hygienic, ideal for use with all standard box systems


  • Ideal for bagged goods, cardboard packaging and other packed goods
  • Combines numerous proven product features
  • Variety of equipment options


  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Variety of options
  • Low tare weight
  • D2: Alternative to the Düsseldorf pallet, offers process reliability in the supply chain


  • Single shot moulded
  • Three runner pallet with low weight
  • Height of only 120 mm


  • Euro pallet with thermoformed top layer
  • Especially designed for use with Heidelberg printing machines
  • Materials guarantee production processes without any interruption
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