Sustainability and cost effectiveness through load carrier pooling

By reducing empty runs and personnel costs, greater sustainability and cost effectiveness have priority in the professional sharing and reuse of load carriers. Quality, longevity and robustness of the load carriers used are a particular focus in pooling applications. Due to the often strenuous daily handling and the extremely high circulation, pallets as well as pallet boxes and containers have to be extremely resistant to breakage and impact in order to prove themselves in long-term use. Craemer offers various plastic pallets and containers suitable for pooling, which are highly reliable in use.

Heavy duty pallets as a solution for complex tasks

For complex tasks and heavy loads, Craemer offers diverse plastic pallet models. The CR1 Euro-pallet with a load capacity of up to 1750 kilograms in high racking has been established in the pooling sector for years, having proven itself in the internal logistics of many industries. The CR3 and CR3-5 industrial pallets are all-rounders in the heavy-duty category as well, which means they are optimum pooling pallets. Other models for pooling in this area with a load capacity of up to 2000 kilograms: L-series plastic pallets with Palgrip® anti-slip strips on the upper deck and anti-slip coated runners, as well as the completely closed TC pallets, with full Palgrip anti-slip decks on request.

Ideal pooling pallets for medium loads

H1 and H3 hygiene pallets are suitable for medium loads and have proven their worth in the food and non-food sectors. The EURO H1, developed by Craemer at the beginning of the 1990s, stands for the implementation of international standards with the GS1 quality seal and can be exchanged throughout Europe in an open pool. Reusable CS pallets have an almost completely closed upper deck and are therefore the ideal solution for handling bagged goods, cardboard boxes and packaged goods. The D pallets impress with their low tare weight, proving their worth as universal pallets when it comes to the distribution and storage of goods.

Pallet boxes and rotating stacking containers for pooling

The pallet boxes of the CB series are the ideal complement for pooling. They impress with high stability and resistance, their smooth inner walls enabling easy cleaning, with integrated stacking cams ensuring safe transport and storage processes. Craemer  stacking and nesting boxes in various sizes and designs are suitable for manifold applications and therefore also for extremely high trip rates.

RFID technology enables traceability and transparency

By integrating RFID transponders (UHF, HF), load carriers like plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers are turned into information carriers. The use of this technology enables dynamic data administration and flexible data management – even where existing identification methods such as barcode systems are fully exhausted. Whether you are a provider or user of pooling: A high degree of transparency concerning processes and costs is guaranteed.

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