Safe handling with plastic load carriers

Upstream and downstream logistical processes place high demands on the printing of packaging and foil. Damage to the sensitive packaging products has to be avoided at all times, which requires safe handling during ongoing production as well as during the storage of raw materials and fragile end products made of cardboard, corrugated board or foil. For safe logistical processes in this area, Craemer offers a large selection of versatile plastic load carriers.

Durable and reliable – for intensive use

The product range for the foil, cardboard and packaging industry includes plastic pallets, pallet boxes, transport and stacking boxes, stack & nest boxes, round and large containers as well as multi-purpose, universal containers. Made of high-quality PE, Craemer load carriers offer extra safety and reliability and remain robust and durable even with intensive use.

Repair and maintenance-free pallet variety

Tired of resource-consuming pallet inspections? Craemer plastic pallets save both time and money as they are repair and maintenance-free. Their high dimensional stability without abrasion and chipping makes them ideally suited for automated processes and systems, running reliably in all common processing and conveyor systems. The extensive product range includes a variety of half pallets, Euro pallets and industrial pallets (both in European and US-standard) for an abundance of different application areas. Moreover, Craemer plastic pallets made of PE can be individually adapted to any application. The equipment and usage options are diverse: Whether it’s an anti-slip coating on the upper deck, integrated reinforcement profiles for higher load capacities, outer rims for additional security of loads, or RFID transponders for seamless tracking and tracing.

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