Field-tested automotive competence in plastics

Logistics processes in the automotive industry are carefully architected and fragile constructions that often depend on just-in-time goods deliveries and are geared towards maximum efficiency. Any interruption in this multi-layered internal material flow process is time-consuming and potentially costly. As one of the leading manufacturers of automotive modules - such as seat and belt system components - as well as reliable injection-moulded plastic load carriers, Craemer has been a reliable partner to this industry for many years. Craemer load carriers made of high-quality PE are durable, dimensionally stable and splinter-free, which reliably reduces failures and improves process efficiency.

Plastic load carriers for precisely fitting applications

For more than 50 years Craemer has been manufacturing robust pallets made of high-quality polyethylene (PE). At present, an extensive portfolio of half, Euro and industrial pallets (Euro and US standard) covers different areas of application. One example from the company’s portfolio is the D1 plastic pallet with its 22-millimetre rim: It was designed for the automotive and supplier industry and ensures high load security when used with small load carriers (SLC) and clear packaging (blisters). Unlike wooden pallets, box elements can be transported precisely and safely, without strapping and fastening, thanks to the rim system.

Pallet lids and pallet boxes

Craemer's pallet lids in Euro and industrial sizes are an ideal complement for the automotive industry. Suitable for all common reusable containers (such as KLT), they close perfectly due to their precise fit, protecting sensitive goods. As conductive ESD variants, they also reliably secure electrostatically sensitive components against uncontrolled discharges.
Another member of the automotive range of products: plastic pallet boxes. Thanks to one-piece PE injection moulding and their stable construction, the large load carriers are highly resistant and have a long service life. The latest innovation is the Kubo – the perfect alternative to the Europool-DB-Europool Gitterbox (Gibo) often used for heavy goods and components and for all applications with high demands. 

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