Reliable load carriers for efficient transportation of relief supplies

International aid and humanitarian organisations, as well as non-governmental organisations, often work under challenging conditions to provide food aid during droughts and crop failures, disaster relief after earthquakes or floods, medical care, and other emergency support. To aid those in need and safeguard valuable assets, efficient international logistics and reliable load carriers are essential for transporting and storing materials. Craemer has created durable plastic load carriers that remain intact even in the harshest conditions, guaranteeing the reliability of supply chains.

Light to medium loads: The D-series of plastic pallets 

The Craemer D-series plastic pallets are available in Euro and industrial size (3 or 5 runners) and are suitable for the transport and storage of light to medium loads. They are ideal for carrying relief supplies of any kind, materials or tools and have proven their worth in the logistics processes of non-governmental or aid organisations in a variety of ways. If required, the load capacity of the D-series plastic pallets can be increased by equipping them with corrosion-proof metal reinforcement profiles.

In global use: The CS-series of plastic pallets

In international use for emergency, rescue or survival aid, the CS1 pallet in Euro format as well as the CS3 pallet in industrial format from Craemer have proven to be all-rounders. From food items, relief goods to tools – their almost completely closed upper deck makes them particularly suited for handling bagged goods, cardboard boxes and packaged goods. A variety of retrofit optionals makes both the Euro and industrial-size pallet of the CS-series universally usable for medium loads. 

Pallet boxes and containers: Suitable for deliveries of all kinds

Next to high-quality plastic pallet, Craemer also offers pallet boxes and a variety of containers of the highest quality for use in worldwide protective and aid measures of international organisations. The Craemer pallet boxes of the CB and SB series pallet boxes as well as containers in various sizes and variations (e.g. stack & nest boxes, transport and stacking boxes or round containers) offer reliable solutions for all kinds of application areas. Just like Craemer plastic pallets, they are resistant, durable and easy to handle. They are suitable for transporting and storing materials that require more protection than those materials stored on plastic pallets. 

Large and multi-purpose containers for a wide range of applications

The robust multi-purpose containers are ideal for safe and clean transportation as well as for a variety of other applications. The name says it all: The range of large and universal, multi-purpose containers can be used in manifold ways - from collecting, to storing or transporting. These plastic containers are ideally suited for all kinds of filling, from organic waste and animal feed to safe tool and device storage.

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