Supply Management
Supply Management

Terms and conditions

Craemer Supply Management:

Prioritising customer satisfaction

As an internationally active group, Craemer is constantly seeking reliable and competitive suppliers from various markets and industries. With customer satisfaction being a top priority for Craemer, our suppliers need to adhere to the following key aspects: 

  • A quality system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.2000 / IATF 16949 or similar should be in place
  • Alternatively, suppliers should be willing to have themselves and their suppliers certified at short notice
  • Ability to meet Craemer requirements and thus those of our customers regarding economic stability, ability to deliver, quality, flexibility and openness to innovations
  • Ability to offer competitive services at prices and terms of delivery prevailing on the world market
  • Acceptance of our general purchasing conditions

Should you wish to introduce yourself as a potential supplier to the Craemer Group, please use our contact form or send us your documents by post.

Tool making

Tool making

Tool making

  • high alloyed tool steel
  • mould construction steel
  • full form cast iron, cast steel
  • precision flat steel
Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing

  • mill
  • grind
  • erode
Tool standard parts

Tool standard parts

  • guide elements
  • pneumatic springs
  • cutting elements
  • fastening elements

Plastics processing

MGB wheel

For waste disposal bins

  • axles
  • wheels
Colour additives

Colour additives

  • masterbatch
  • pigment
Metal components

Metal components

  • stamped parts
  • bent parts
  • tubular components
  • trolleys

PE with a MFR 2 to 8 g/10 min (190/2,16)

  • in silo or bag
  • high quality virgin material
  • off-grade material
  • regranulated material
  • regrinded material
Plastic semi-finished parts

Plastic semi-finished parts

  • pre-cut plates from PE and PP
  • pre-cut plates from PP
  • deep drawn components
Production of injectioin moulded parts

Production of injectioin moulded parts

  • up to a weight of 1kg/part

Metal forming

Contract processing of metal parts

Contract processing of metal parts

  • electrogalvanising
  • cathodic electrophoretic coating
  • powder coating
Fastening elements

Fastening elements for the industrial processing of sheet metal

  • screws
  • nuts

Rolled products*

  • steel in the form of coils
  • aluminium in the form of coils
  • slit strips
  • pre-cut parts

*hot-rolled in gauges from 1.50 – 10.00mm

  • DIN EN 10111, qualities DD11 – DD14
  • DIN EN 10025, qualities S235 JRG2
  • DIN EN 10149, qualities S315 MC – S 500 MC

*cold-rolled in gauges from 0.60 – 2.00mm

  • DIN EN 10130, qualities DC 01 – DC 06
  • DIN EN 10268, qualities H240 LA – H400 LA

hot-dip galvanised in gauges from 0.75 – 2.00mm

  • DIN EN 10142, qualities DX 51D+Z – DX 54 D+Z
  • DIN EN 10292, Galfan
  • DIN EN 10215, Galvalume

electrolytically galvanised in gauges from 0.75 – 2.00mm

  • DIN EN 10152, qualities DC 01 + ZE – DC 05 + ZE

aluminium in gauges from 1.00 – 2.50 mm

  • EN 485, qualities EN AW 5182 and EN AW 5754
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