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The company founder Paul Craemer


Modern corporate group with tradition

The Craemer Group is a modern family business with over one hundred years of tradition. The success story began in May 1912: the engineer Paul Craemer founded the Press-, Stanz- und Hammerwerke GmbH (Forging press, Coiler tension and Stamped Metal Works Co. Ltd.) for metal processing in the German town of Herzebrock, East-Westphalia, to manufacture supplier parts for household and agricultural appliances. Very soon Craemer had acquired numerous customers abroad and the factory was systematically expanded and modernised. From 1945 on the company was recognised as a major supplier of parts for agricultural machinery.

Milestones of a success story

1958 marked a milestone in the company’s history: alongside metal forming Craemer opened a new business activity for plastics processing. The company started with the injection moulding of large containers and in 1967 developed the worldwide first plastic pallet moulded in one shot. In the 1980’s waste disposal containers were included in the product range. 1978 marked the  demolition of the hot rolling mill and thus the metal production was finally changed to processing cold rolling sheets. In the 1980’s Craemer became established as an automotive supplier, manufacturing metal formed parts for cars. Their plastic pallets also gained world-wide market significance. The company thus developed to become a European group with increasing global orientation.

Innovation and openness

Today the Craemer Group supplies several hundred work-places in their main business activities of metal forming, plastics processing and tool making. Based on the success gained by their long-standing know-how and sustainable growth Craemer is ready to meet the future with a high level of innovative potential.



Paul Craemer sets up the company "Press-, Stanz- und Hammerwerke GmbH" (Forging Press, Coiler Tension and Stamped Metal Works Co. Ltd) in Herzebrock, Westphalia, Germany.


rolling mill

Launch of a new rolling mill on the new premises at the outskirts of Herzebrock.


major supplier to the agricultural machine industry

The company establishes itself as a major supplier to the agricultural machine industry.


Plastics processing

Plastics processing is taken up as an additional business activity.



Development of the worldwide first plastic pallet moulded in one shot.


supplier to the automotive industry

Craemer sheet metal components for motor vehicles establish the company as important supplier to the automotive industry. Meanwhile, plastic pallets made by Craemer gain recognition on the international market.


Craemer Slovakia

Launch of production at the metal plant in Liptovský Mikulá, Slovakia


Acquisition Kliko

Acquisition of the company "Kliko Entsorgungssysteme GmbH" (Environmental Systems Ltd).


Craemer UK Ltd

Launch of the plastics processing facility "Craemer UK Ltd" in Telford, UK.


automated forging press plant

Start-up of the new automated forging press plant of "Craemer Slovakia, s.r.o.".


Craemer France Montreuil

Opening of sales office in France


Craemer 100 years logo

Anniversary: 100 years Craemer


Schuler servo press

Installation of the 2.500 tons Schuler servo press at the Craemer headquarters. With its 8 metre long tool table it is "the biggest press ever built worldwide" according to manufacturer specifications.


Craemer Attendorn

Takeover of the “SKA GmbH & Co. KG“ in the German district of Olpe (Sauerland) and name change to “Craemer Attendorn GmbH & Co. KG”.

The Attendorn company is specialist for precision stamped sheet metal components with focus on parts for seatbelt systems as well as on fitting and joining elements for seat structures. It has 25 years of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry.


50 years Craemer plastic pallets

The Paul Craemer GmbH is celebrating the 50th birthday of the Craemer plastic pallet. In 1967, Craemer received the patent for the world’s first one-piece injection moulded plastic pallet. In 2017, 50 years on, the German company – headquarters of the internationally active Craemer Group – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality plastic load carriers.


Craemer USA

The Craemer Group has recently opened a corporation office in Palm Harbor, Florida. The new of-fice will bring the company into closer proximity to serve existing customers and to engage prospec-tive clients in order to provide them with Craemer plastic pallets and containers. 

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Craemer UK

The Craemer Group has now opened a second plastic injection moulding plant in Telford, UK - for the production of wheeled bins, pallets and storage and transport containers. Until recently, Craemer’s first own 1,100 litre wheelie bin (neo4) presented to the market in 2018 could only be manufactured at the German headquarters – due to the size of the machinery required for its production. The new Telford site is also equipped with a 5,500-tonne injection moulding machine and the manufacture of the neo4 has started at Craemer UK now too. The production of Craemer’s first own pallet box launched to the market in 2017 is expected to follow soon.


Craemer in Oelde AUREA

Craemer has set up a future-oriented plastics injection-moulding plant at the inter-municipal Aurea Industrial Park close to the A2 motorway. As plastic injection-moulding production is very energy-intensive process, the company is looking to renewable energy sources to power the new site.

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