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Lid for SB3 & HB3

The 1200 x 800 mm SB3 and HB3 lids are designed to fit our SB3 and HB3 pallet boxes. The lids are made from high-quality PE, cover perfectly, and are a robust choice to protect your shipment. 


  • Integrated locking system
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Lid for SB3 & HB3 | Data sheet (PDF)
Art. no.
Weight (kg)
80410800 7.7 kg light grey
  • Technical information *1
    Internal Dimensions (mm) 1221 x 1019 x 80
    Temperature stability -30 °C to +40 °C, briefly up to +90 °C
    Art. no.
    Weight (kg)
    80410800 7.7 kg light grey


    All technical data include characteristic features, which have been tested under specially defined conditions. Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as loading method, prevailing temperature and length of storage time. All data and specified information are subject to change without notice. Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.


    Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal if you require exact information about material compositions.

  • Technical drawings
  • Loading quantities (Pcs / Approximate amount)
    Container Container 20': 0 Pcs.
    Container 40': 0 Pcs.
    Container 40' High Cube: 0 Pcs.
    Container 45': 0 Pcs.
    Conventional trailer 45’ high cube container: 0 Pcs.
    Truck MEGA Trailer: 0 Pcs.
  • Labeling options
    Hot stamping of letters and logos on request, depending on quantity. Position on long side.
  • Technical drawings
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