High quality standard: Hygienic storage and transport solutions

The processing of sensitive raw materials in the meat or fish industries as well as in the bakery or confectionery sectors requires the highest level of hygiene. This is why the international food industry depends on load carriers that meet the strictest hygienic requirements. With its plastic pallets, Craemer has been a pioneer in setting new standards: Developed in the early 1990s, the EURO H1 is now the leading hygiene pallet. Versatile, food-safe storage and transport containers made of plastic complement the range of products.

Wide range of pallets and containers

Plastic pallets and plastic containers from Craemer are made of pure polyethylene (PE).
Easy to clean, they guarantee a consistently high standard of hygiene. Impact-resistant and with a high loading capacity, they support logistical processes through long-lasting quality and reliable use.
In addition to plastic pallets, large load carriers such as pallet boxes or large and multi-purpose containers from Craemer have proven their worth for many years. Other plastic containers such as vats, buckets, boxes, troughs, bins, or tubs complement the products on offer. Craemer pallets and containers are used wherever goods are mixed, stored and transported.

Special solutions for the fishing industry

Craemer has developed special containers for the international fishing industry:
Nestable and stackable fish boxes in various sizes and designs – all equipped with a unique melt-water drainage system. For over 40 years, they have made a significant contribution to the success of the industry.

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The EURO H1: The Craemer original

Developed as a pioneering achievement by Craemer in the early 1990s, the EURO H1 is the leading hygiene pallet in the food industry and a recognised standard in the meat sector. Suppliers in the food sector such as ingredient manufacturers or companies from the fresh produce and packaging sector also rely on its quality. Since 1993, the EURO H1 has been awarded the GS1 seal (formerly EHI) and is recognised throughout Europe as an exchange pallet in the open Euro-pallet pool. As the basis for transporting standardised box systems, the hygiene pallet with central locking is compatible with the Euroboxes E1 to E3. The Craemer original is the first hygiene pallet to be awarded the GS mark for tested safety and to be certified according to DIN 55423-5 and DIN 55423-6. The Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund confirms that the EURO H1 is extremely resilient and has a service life of over twelve years.

High-quality boxes for high-quality fish -
Reliable, flexible and of high quality

The success of the fishing industry depends on various factors, quality and reliability: from the fishing vessel and the crew to the logistics systems on land and at sea. Craemer fish boxes have been an essential guarantor in this process chain for over 40 years.

Craemer fish boxes are manufactured from pure PE using plastic injection moulding and meet all the technical and hygienic requirements of the international fishing industry. Their high impact resistance and excellent load-bearing capacity make them suitable for a wide range of applications. The innovative box design allows space-saving nesting and stacking, thus significantly reducing freight costs.

Functional design for daily handling

Craemer responds to the ever-changing market requirements with innovations. One example is the unique melt-water drainage system for the nestable and stackable fish boxes. This was followed by the introduction of another product innovation in 2014: The first fish box with an integrated RFID transponder. With the development of this patented solution, Craemer offers a new generation of fish boxes, which for the first time enable complete traceability.


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