Robust load carriers for smooth processes

When it comes to meeting daily logistical challenges, the quality and reliability of pallets and containers for transport and storage are crucial factors in retail. Craemer offers optimum logistics solutions for a smooth flow of goods to the industry. Retail chains and market branches have a broad portfolio of load carriers made of sustainable and durable plastics to choose from: Various types of pallets, pallet boxes, stack & nest boxes, transport and stacking boxes, round containers as well as universal containers.

Perfectly suited for closed goods cycles

Craemer plastic pallets offer decisive advantages in retail logistics for the smooth operation of closed goods cycles. The robust, abrasion-resistant and splinter-free load carriers impress with their long service life, high quality and reliability in use. Their strong dimensional stability makes them ideal for automated warehouses: Repair and maintenance-free, they run in all common processing and conveyor systems.

Process reliability for the entire supply chain

Craemer has the ideal solution for every application in the fields of storage, commissioning and distribution of goods and merchandise. For heavy, medium or light loads, various Craemer pallet models in Euro, industrial or half-pallet format are suitable as commissioning pallets or as pallets for intermediate storage. Food-safe pallet boxes, crates and stack & nest boxes, round and universal containers with capacities between 15 and 610 litres complement the range of products. All plastic load carriers from Craemer meet the high demands of increasingly complex supply chains, growing availability of goods, and comprehensive automation.

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