Diverse plastic pallets for the entire non-food sector

No matter if it’s in the field of automation, the automotive industry or retail logistics, whether in intralogistics in general, in mechanical engineering or in metal processing: In the non-food sector, products and merchandise are subject to different requirements in terms of logistics and storage than when it comes to handling pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs. In case of load carriers, top priorities are handling and compatibility, durability, sustainability, robustness, cost-effectiveness and reliability rather than hygienic requirements.

Heavy-duty pallets as robust and durable all-rounders

The CR and TC series pallets with integrated reinforcement profiles are the solution for complex tasks. These robust plastic pallets have proven themselves durable heavy-duty pallets in the internal logistics of numerous industries, from use in automated processes to high-bay storage. Their typical areas of application: automation, metal processing, furniture production or machine and tool construction.

Multifunctional pallets for light to medium loads

In cross-sector industrial use, the CS1 Euro-pallet and the CS3 industrial pallet are considered all-rounders. Their almost completely closed upper deck makes them particularly suited for handling bagged goods, cardboard boxes and packaged goods in the food and non-food sectors. The D pallets impress with their variety of options and are suitable as distribution pallets in the entire non-food sector, for example in the intralogistics of the automotive industry or in retail logistics. The one-piece injection-moulded, lightweight SL1 Euro-pallet is particularly suitable as an interlayer pallet in goods distribution due to its low overall height.

Non-stop pallet for efficient processes in the printing industry

Craemer has developed the non-stop pallet especially for efficient logistical processes in the printing industry. Thanks to this pallet, all common sheet formats can be moved. This makes it ideal for all closed cycles. The optimum arrangement of the thermoformed top layer also ensures a smooth workflow in non-stop operation. And handling in rake take-off has also proven extremely convenient.

Pallet boxes and containers for non-food applications

The Craemer Group offers further logistical solutions for applications in the non-food sector. The pallet boxes CB1, CB3 and SB3 as well as stacking and nesting boxes withstand extreme loads. The stack & nest boxes in particular impress with their high resistance, long service life, and possible volume reduction. The robust universal trays enable safe and clean transport and are suitable for many different applications, for example as oil spill trays. And with large and multi-purpose containers, the name says it all: They can be used in manifold ways – as collection, gritting material, storage or transport containers. These plastic containers are ideally suited for all kinds of filling, from organic waste and animal feed to safe tool and device storage on construction sites or in workshops.

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