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Our YouTube channel contains a variety of videos that show the quality and characteristics of our plastic pallets, pallet boxes, plastic containers and wheelie bins.

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Plastic pallets

Craemer Plastic Pallets and Pallet Boxes at Alimentaria Foodtech 2023

TC1 Palgrip® in use

TC Palgrip® Plastic Pallet

CR4 / CR4-5 Plastic Pallets

TC Closed Deck Plastic Pallets

EURO H1 Plastic Pallets Drop Test

CC1 Pallet Collar

D1 Plastic Pallet

Les pallétistes de la cosméto (fr)

Les pallétistes de l'agro (fr)

Plastic containers

ET Box 300 l

ET Box 300 l in use

Ready mortar skip FMK Drop Test

Stack & Nest Box

Universal Trough Test

Assembly Instructions: Universal Container

Wheelie bins

Wheelie bins with Sudhaus locking device (de)

Twin Compartment Wheelie bins

Pallet boxes

SB3 Pallet box (closed walls)

CB3 pallet box in use in the meat industry (Category III slaughterhouse waste)

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