The Craemer Twin-Compartment Wheeled Bin System

One Bin – Two Waste Streams

The Craemer twin-compartment wheeled bin system allows two different waste fractions to be presented for collection in separate compartments within a single bin. This tried and tested system, which is available with 240L and 360L nominal volume, has been used successfully in Scandinavia for many years in combination with split lifter / body vehicles able to collect different recycling and waste streams separately in a single vehicle.

The collection of materials separately with minimal cross-contamination has negated the need to sort post-collection resulting in better material quality. The provision of twin-compartment containers has reduced the number of bins issued to individual households and allowed collection agencies to manage their resources more efficiently.

Here’s how it works

The following video explains the process behind the Craemer twin-compartment wheeled bin system and how it can be incorporated into collection processes. 

Different options available

Saloon Lid Division

The Craemer twin-compartment wheeled bin system is available with 240L and, for larger families or commercial applications, with 360L volume. The divider wall within each bin can be positioned to provide either 50/50 or 40/60 compartment ratios and is easily and securely fitted. The special convoluted design feature of the internal divider wall provides strength and rigidity and allows easy discharge of contents.

Different Sizes

Bin Collection and Discharge

The twin compartment bins are discharged into a standard split body collection vehicle fitted with a specially modified bin-lifter module. A separator blade diverts each waste stream into the respective body section with minimal cross-contamination. Each body compartment can be separately discharged at the depot.

Bin collection and discharge twin-compartment
Bin collection and discharge twin-compartment

Technical Data, Key Features and Options

Technical Specifications*1 MGBneo 240 L MGBneo 340 L / 360 L
Exterior dimension (H x W x D, in mm)*2 Max. 1100 x 580 ± 5 x 740 Max. 1115 x 590 ± 20 x 880
Nominal volume (in L) 240 340 / 360
Nominal load capacity (in kg) 96 136 / 144
Weight (in kg) 14,5 21,0
Material Body / Lid PE (resistant to frost, heat and many chemicals, cadmium free, with UV stabilisation)
Container is based on EN840, RAL-GZ 951/1, Directive 2000/14/EG

*1 All specifications quoted are subject to change. Craemer reserve the right to make changes to product design and specification. 
Extra equipment, accessories, as well as other colours are available at extra cost and on request.
*2 Maximum values according to DIN EN 840-2. Dimensions may vary within the tolerances given in the norm

Key Features
  • Robust with uniform wall thickness and reinforcement of all walls
  • External wheel Ø 250 mm, rubber-tired wheels, wheel axle from steel
  • Release pins allow quick and easy lid replacement
  • Integrated rain spoiler reduces rain water run-off into bin
  • 30 mm diameter ergonomic handle
  • Saloon Lid as 40/60, 50/50 or 60/40 split configurations
  • Available in the following standard colours: grey, green, brown, blue, red, yellow
  • Prepared for integration of RFID transponder
Options, available on request depending on quantity e.g
  • Special colours
  • External wheels, available with 200 mm Ø (MGBneo 240 L) or 300 mm Ø (MGBneo 340 L / 360 L ) rubber tires
  • Color clips to identify waste factors

Hotstamping of letters, logo or numbering available on request depending on quantity.

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