Hygienic plastic load carriers for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

With its innovations and developments, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are part of the key industries in Europe and the USA. In these industries, the highest demands and strict legal requirements apply to hygiene, both for the production environment and for the end products. Due to the sensitivity of raw materials and products, compliance with hygiene regulations must also be ensured in logistical or intra-logistical processes. Plastic load carriers make a decisive contribution in this field.

Safe pallets, boxes and containers made of polyethylene (PE)

Hygienic plastic load carriers for the highest standardsCraemer manufactures high-quality plastic pallets and containers made of pure PE, offering reliable solutions for many areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries – from highly sensitive cleanroom applications to production lines and dispatch. Plastic pallets from Craemer meet the highest hygiene standards, being HACCP and GMP compliant as well as washable after each cycle. They can be used as hygienic pallets in cleanrooms without any problem, as no moisture absorption or germ formation will occur. The dispatch of goods can also be optimised using the high-quality plastic pallets, as the risk of damage to the load is minimised, enabling a trouble-free flow of goods.

Completely closed for perfect hygiene in the cleanroom

The cleanroom compatible TC pallet is an example from Craemer's product portfolio. With its smooth surface, this completely closed plastic pallet sets new standards on the market. Thanks to a patented welded-seam geometry of the lower and upper deck, the TC plastic pallet remains completely closed even under heavy use, i.e. free from unwanted water ingress or contamination by germs. Other suitable models from the pallet range: Craemer hygienic pallets from the H model series and the robust lightweight pallets from the D and SL series.

Hygienic and robust large plastic load carriers

Further example products for the industry: Large-volume plastic containers such as the new spacious marvel from Craemer, the Economic Transport Box. It is part of the container and large load carrier range made of hygienic and robust PE, which is equally suitable for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. That also includes the CB1 and CB3 pallet boxes, the large-volume CB3 High, the extremely robust SB3 and the HB3, the world's first and only completely closed pallet box with welded runners. Stack & nest boxes, transport and stacking boxes, troughs and tubs, round and large containers can also be used in various ways in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors thanks to their hygienic properties. This also applies to fish boxes made of equally food-safe PE, which were originally developed for use in the fishing industry.

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