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As the ideal heavy-duty plastic pallet for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry, the completely closed TC1 Euro pallet serves as a benchmark for all closed load carriers. The cavity-free construction of this hygienic plastic pallet offers reliable protection against water ingress or contamination and enables excellent and easy cleaning. The TC1 heavy-duty hygiene pallet can also be equipped with a full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck – for absolutely reliable securing of the load, even in damp conditions or inclined positions. 


  • Available with 3 runners
  • High load-bearing capacity for heavy-duty applications
  • Patented welding seam geometry of the top and bottom deck as well as solid wall thicknesses ensure highest impact and breakage resistance
  • Perfect for converyor systems and automated high-rack warehouses thanks to dimensional stability 
  • Optimal for transportation and storage of bagged goods
  • Excellent cleaning properties, no moisture after drying process
  • Chamfered edges on both sides of all runners for optimal handling with forklift trucks


  • Corrosion-protected reinforcement profiles, for a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,750kg in high rack
  • Rims: Without, 7mm or 22mm
  • RFID transponder
  • Full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip top deck
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TC1 | Data sheet (PDF)
Art. no.
Weight (kg)
Load Capacity (kg) Static *3
Load capacity (kg) Dynamic *3
Load Capacity (kg) In Racking System *3
Reinforcement profiles
Central box retainers
Rim (mm)
Full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip top deck
Palgrip® anti-slip strips on the top deck
Anti-slip plugs on the underside of the deck
Palgrip® anti-slip runners
Palgrip® anti-slip pads on the top deck
87065881 18 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg light grey 3, unwelded 7 mm
87065301 18 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg light blue 3, unwelded 7 mm
87065101 18 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg white 3, unwelded 7 mm
87065201 18 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg black 3, unwelded 7 mm
87065399 19 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg light blue / blue 3, unwelded
87065899 19 kg 7,500 kg 1,250 kg 1,000 kg grey / blue 3, unwelded
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