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Added Value For Logistics: The Euro Pallet Collar CC1 From Craemer

CC1 with plastic pallet

The CC1 collar from Craemer is compatible with wooden and plastic Euro pallets.

The sophisticated folding mechanism of the CC1 ensures easy handling.

75% volume reduction: When folded, the collar saves space and is slip resistant.

The ideal loading unit: a stack of two pallets with three stacking frames each.

One clever way to expand the use of Euro pallets is to combine them using pallet collars. The result is a stable and reusable packaging unit that ensures loads are reliably protected while avoiding packaging waste and thus saving on disposal costs. And integrated handles, movable locking elements and a sophisticated folding mechanism all make the new CC1 Euro pallet collar from Craemer particularly easy to handle. Other advantages include variable application options, enormous volume reducibility and slip resistance.

Easy, foldable handling for modern logistics

The CC1 is made entirely of PE and is compatible with wooden and plastic pallets. When unfolded, the 7.8 kilogram collars are easy and simple to place on pallet and can be stacked 3 high, allowing for greater flexibility in transporting goods of different sizes. The ideal combination for a loading unit with a height of around 2.10 meters: a stack of two pallets with three collars each. The optionally available external 10-millimetre edge of the CC1 ensures that the pallet is securely locked in place. Without rim, the collar can be tightly locked in place using a pallet lid.

Movable locking elements allow the sophisticated folding mechanism of the Euro pallet collar from Craemer to be actuated with a simple movement of the hand. When folded, the volume of the CC1 is reduced by 75 percent. This means little space is required when transporting the stacked collars, while ingenious locking elements on the bottom ensure slip-resistance – even when unfolded. Adhesive fields for labels and integrated transponder mounting brackets round out the innovation from Craemer.

Craemer plastic pallets

The practical CC1 Euro pallet collar marks Craemer's latest addition to the company's wide range of high-quality plastic pallets, the result of over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of load carriers. Then as now, Craemer is the market's leading innovator. Craemer plastic pallets can be found in numerous industries and applications and have already proven themselves millions of times over. All Craemer pallets are from made from high-quality, recyclable PE and injection-moulded in one shot. Pallet lids in conventional dimensions complete the range for modern logistics. The portfolio also boasts a wide range of different containers, from tubs and buckets to pallet boxes.



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