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Craemer In Oelde, Germany: District Administrator Presents Permit

Group photo presentation of the licence

Head of the Building Department Dr Herbert Bleicher, District Ad-ministrator Dr Olaf Gericke, Managing Director Siegbert Geldner, Managing Partner Christoph J. Brandenburg and Managing Direc-tor Stephan Kogel (all three from Craemer), Günter Kozlowski (Managing Director Aurea Business Park), Mayoress Karin Rode-heger and Ralf Westermann (Craemer) are delighted about the planning permission for the company-owned wind turbine. – (Im-age: Kreis Warendorf)

At the end of 2023, Craemer GmbH (Craemer Group’s headquarters) had a good reason to celebrate:  District Administrator Dr Olaf Gericke, Head of the Building Department Dr Herbert Bleicher and Mayoress Karin Rodeheger presented the company’s Managing Directors and one of their Managing Partners with the planning permission to build a company-owned wind turbine at their site in Oelde. The approval in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act was granted about five months after the complete application was submitted to the district building authority. “It is important for us to process applications quickly and issue planning permissions promptly. This is also a form of supporting economic development,”, says Dr Gericke. Craemer Managing Director Siegbert Geldner emphasises: “This was also made possible by bringing together all involved parties in a close-knit project group, which –under the leadership of architect Dr. Mathias Eisenmenger – met every two weeks.”

The construction of the wind turbine is scheduled to take around 18 months. It will have a hub height of 164 metres and a total height of 245 metres. The nominal output is 6.8 megawatts. The turbines annual output is designed to deliver approximately 16.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity. Christoph J. Brandenburg, Siegbert Geldner and Stephan Kogel are delighted about the prospect of covering the company’s future energy consumption almost exclusively from wind power. “With this investment, we are setting an example in terms of sustainability and climate protection,” says Christoph J. Brandenburg. “As a family business, we view it as our duty to position ourselves as widely as possible for the future.”

The internationally active Craemer Group specialises in metal forming, plastics processing and toolmaking. The tools and molds required for production are developed and built in-house.

Mayoress Karin Rodeheger, who is also chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the inter-municipal Aurea Industrial Park (AUREA Das A2-Wirtschaftszentrum GmbH), emphasised the excellent cooperation between the town of Oelde and Craemer in the construction planning procedure.

During a tour of the site, Ralf Westermann, Head of Facility Design & Provision, explained the opportunities that wind energy offers to the company. Surpluses from electricity production could be fed into the public grid. Even a utilisation by the Craemer Group’s headquarters in Herzebrock-Clarholz is conceivable.

The district of Warendorf is one of the country’s forerunners in the expansion of wind energy. The Head of the Building Department, Dr Herbert Bleicher, gives an overview: “In 2023, our building authority has approved 32 turbines, with a further 59 applications for wind turbines being processed at the beginning of 2024.”


Translation of the press release published by the Warendorf District Administrator’s Office

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