Exceptional performance, exclusively from Craemer

Palgrip® pallets from Craemer are designed to offer exceptional smoothness and tracking when used on roller conveyors or chain conveyors. These pallets feature abrasion-resistant anti-slip plates for excellent slip resistance on the deck or under the runners. The high-quality Palgrip® grain structure ensures a secure hold even in damp conditions or inclined positions. Palgrip® is the perfect choice for meeting all your logistical needs, and it's exclusively available from Craemer.
The Palgrip® anti-slip coating is able to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -30°C to +40°C.
Craemer Palgrip® anti-slip sheets provide superior slip resistance, surpassing that of common plastic surfaces, thanks to their unique grain structure.
Comprised of high quality PE, the exclusive Palgrip® anti-slip panels are an inextricable component of the decking, while the anti-slip runners will remain operable for the life of the pallet.


The Palgrip® anti-slip coating is resistant to cold and heat, from -30°C to +40°C.

grain structure

Compared to common plastic surfaces, Craemer Palgrip® anti-slip sheets offer absolute slip resistance even in high humidity thanks to their grain structure.

deck and runners

The unique Palgrip® anti-slip panels are made from high quality PE and are permanently part of the deck and the anti-slip runners will last the lifetime of the pallet.

Palgrip pallet

Even in an inclined position, your load remains static on the pallet deck.


On turntables

high rack

In the high rack

roller conveyors

On roller conveyors

chain conveyors

On chain conveyors

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