6 Reasons for Craemer Plastic Pallets


The lowest damage rate of all plastic pallets in use worldwide

➔ providing for a smooth supply chain
➔ Read article "Craemer plastic pallet tests prove a winner at Jordans Cereals" at Logistics Business Magazine

Constructed and tested according to the international standard ISO 8611

➔ providing security for you and your customers
More information about Craemer quality assurance in our own testing facilities


Highest material quality in HDPE, UV stabilization and steel

➔ providing a return on investment within a reasonable time frame
➔ Download PDF "Results of mechanical tests on Craemer Plastic Pallet at Fraunhofer Institute"

In-house tool making and pallet production

➔ providing one-stop service for your particular need
View TC Plastic Pallet benchmark product clip

One stop

Patent for the world’s first one-piece injection molded plastic pallet in 1967. Now selling in more than 65 countries

➔ providing you with worldwide experience in materials handling
➔ Download patent certificate PDF "Development of the worldwide first plastic pallet moulded in one shot"

Made in Germany, delivered to your door

➔ providing simple and easy business
➔ Accessible 24/7
➔ One personal contact
➔ Payable in US dollars to US account as usual
➔ One stop service: ordering, shipping via international forwarders, and delivery to your doorstop, including all taxes and customs - all handled by a single supplier.


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