Wood vs Plastic Pallets

Is It Time For Your Business To Switch?

CR4-5 Application


The Real Cost

What are your real costs?
High-quality wood pallets cost about $30 and last about ten trips.
High-quality plastic pallets range between $80-$150 and can last about 200 trips.

Craemer's CR4-5 plastic pallets are proven to last up to 500 loops.

Wood Pallets = $3 per trip ($30/10 trip)
Plastic Pallets = $0.19 per trip ($98/500 trips)

Are you in it for the short or long game?


Less Production Downtime

Sturdy plastic pallets, like Craemer’s CR and TC lines, offer you the opportunity to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing downtime.

- Eliminate dust from the workplace
- Help with load stability issues
- Decrease damage on automatic & semi-automatic systems- Splinters and nails are not a concern

TC3-5 Palgrip Application


Hygienic & Easy to Clean

Wooden pallets could be carrying pathogens that can contaminate the products they carry, especially in damp conditions; they can be challenging to clean due to their irregular surface.

 Sanitation is fundamental before transporting any items with hygiene concerns. Certain industries require the use of plastic pallets because they are more hygienic, easier to clean and disinfect.

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