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Stay informed about the latest news from Craemer. Below you find the most recent publications from Craemer US and the Craemer Group. 


Good wine thanks to hygienic pallet boxes from Craemer

Whether red or white wine – the winemaking family of a small winery in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, uses the Craemer CB3 High pallet box for their hand-picked “connoisseur wines” and sparkling wine from their own vineyards. Utilised since the fantastic grape harvest in autumn 2023, this large-volume grey plastic box has provided “reliable support for a smooth and gentle process”. An Austrian winery in Styria also relies on a Craemer product – the SB3 pallet box with closed walls.

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Durable plastic pallets made by Craemer

Durability, sustainability, environmental friendliness: new standards apply to (intra-)logistics processes relating to production, transport and storage – including load carriers. High quality, durable, hard-wearing, versatile, maintenance-free and recyclable: These are the features of pallets and containers that ensure sustainable and economical (warehouse) logistics. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of durable logistics solutions with more than 60 years of experience in plastics processing, the Craemer Group develops and produces high-quality reusable load carriers with exactly these characteristics. A prime example is the EURO L1® plastic pallet – made of plastic instead of wood. In the production of its plastic products, the Group is increasingly focusing on self-made recycled materials and on renewable energies.

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Robust And Nestable: The NP1 Pallet From Craemer

A sustainable and optimum utilisation of storage and transport space requires space-saving load carriers that are also robust and durable. With the NP1 Euro pallet, the Craemer Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of logistics solutions with over 60 years of experience in plastics processing, has expanded its range to include a nestable, lightweight, and robust plastic pallet made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) that fulfils the highest logistical requirements.

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Craemer In Oelde, Germany: District Administrator Presents Permit

At the end of 2023, Craemer GmbH (Craemer Group’s headquarters) had a good reason to celebrate:  District Administrator Dr Olaf Gericke, Head of the Building Department Dr Herbert Bleicher and Mayoress Karin Rodeheger presented the company’s Managing Directors and one of their Managing Partners with the planning permission to build a company-owned wind turbine at their site in Oelde. The approval in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act was granted about five months after the complete application was submitted to the district building authority. “It is important for us to process applications quickly and issue planning permissions promptly. This is also a form of supporting economic development,”, says Dr Gericke. Craemer Managing Director Siegbert Geldner emphasises: “This was also made possible by bringing together all involved parties in a close-knit project group, which –under the leadership of architect Dr. Mathias Eisenmenger – met every two weeks.”

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Added Value For Logistics: The Euro Pallet Frame CC1 From Craemer

One clever way to expand the use of Euro pallets is to combine them using pallet frames. The result is a stable and reusable packaging unit that ensures loads are reliably protected while avoiding packaging waste and thus saving on disposal costs. And integrated handles, movable locking elements and a sophisticated folding mechanism all make the new CC1 Euro collapsible pallet frame from Craemer particularly easy to handle. Other advantages include variable application options, enormous volume reducibility and slip resistance.

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Robust load carriers for extremely high trip rates

The quality, durability and robustness of the pallets and containers used in load carrier pooling are particularly important. Due to the often strenuous daily handling and extremely high trip rates, they must be extremely resistant to breakage and impact in order to prove themselves in the long term. The Craemer Group, the world's leading manufacturer of durable logistics solutions, offers suitable polyethylene (PE) load carriers such as the CR pallet, which are highly reliable in use.

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EURO H1 - hygienic, food-safe and durable

In many industries, the storage and transport of raw materials and products require the highest level of hygiene. Especially in (intra-)logistical processes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries, the use of load carriers that meet the strictest hygienic requirements and legal specifications is essential. The Craemer Group's food-safe plastic products make an important contribution to meet these challenges: They are easy to clean, extremely robust and durable. The EURO H1 plastic pallet is particularly suitable for the logistics and hygiene sector – it carries the GS1 stamp of approval for transparency in the supply chain and greater safety for users.

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Automotive: New development from Craemer as an alternative to the metal grid box

In the automotive industry, a smooth internal material flow is one of the essential factors for efficient production. The Craemer Group is one of the leading international automotive suppliers with its large-scale production of metal automotive modules and plastic load carriers. To ensure smooth (intra-)logistics in the industry, the plastics pioneer is launching a new development: Kubo, a robust four-way box made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) as an alternative to the metal grid box (gitterbox).

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Meat processor relies on space-saving miracle from Craemer Group for many years

Large-volume plastic containers are indispensable aids in the internal and external logistics of the meat industry. Space- and cost-saving solutions such as the Economic Transport Box from the Craemer Group are particularly in demand. Thanks to the ingenious stacking system, these sturdy 300-litre stack-nest containers can be stacked easily and safely. And when the empty boxes are nested, they take up around 70 percent less space. A large Polish poultry processing company has been relying on the many benefits of the ET box for many years.

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Polish manufacturer relies on load carriers with anti-slip deck from Craemer

Like many other sectors, also the furniture industry needs safe logistics systems. A Polish company relies on the TC1 Palgrip® pallet with full-surface anti-slip deck: This completely closed plastic pallet proves its worth – even with high trip rates – and reliably protects sensitive furniture parts. The sturdily constructed, durable load carrier from the German Craemer Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of (intra-)logistics solutions, is made of high-quality polyethylene and will now be used to gradually replace wooden pallets.

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Craemer TC plastic pallets with or without Palgrip coating

Perfect reliability is essential in logistics, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Craemer Group, a pioneer in plastics processing, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of durable logistics solutions made from high-quality polyethylene (PE). With the completely closed TC pallets, Craemer offers versatile load carriers with a sturdy design, durable and resistant, making them ideal for logistics or intralogistics applications. Equipped with an optional full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck, their use ensures reliable load securing – even in extreme situations.

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Inauguration of a modern plastic injection-moulding plant near the A2 motorway

Craemer, specialist in metal forming, plastics processing and toolmaking with headquarters in Herzebrock-Clarholz, has set up a future-oriented plastics injection-moulding plant at the inter-municipal Aurea Industrial Park close to the A2 motorway. In the presence of around 200 guests from the worlds of politics, business and society, together with business partners and employees, the management inaugurated the new production facility on Friday, 10 February 2023. For the family-owned company, founded in 1912 and now in its fifth generation, this new site is a commitment to Germany, and in particular to North Rhine-Westphalia as a business location, as well as to sustainability.

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Craemer CR4-5 Pallet Proven To Last 500+ Loops

Craemer Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, long-lasting plastic pallets, announces their CR4-5 plastic pallet was recently quality tested by Virginia Tech and proven to last more than 500 loops, making it one of the most durable plastic pallet on the market.  “The most resilient plastic pallet, the CR4-5 is more sturdy and stable than any other pallet on the market,” said Axel Breitkreuz, President of Craemer US Corporation.

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New Pallet Built for Safety, Hygiene Is Perfect for Food & Pharmaceuticals 

Craemer Group, one of the premier providers of plastic pallets, storage and transport containers, announces its official release of the TC3-5 Palgrip, the completely closed plastic pallet with a fully anti-slip coated top deck that puts safety and hygiene at the forefront. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the TC3-5 Palgrip is perfect for hygienic-first operations since both the top and bottom decks are completely closed. The construction is free from cavities or ribs, ensuring reliable protection from contamination or water ingress. With patented welding, it also offers the highest impact resistance, breaking strength, and solid wall thickness among other pallets on the market. 

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Craemer Launches CR4-5, Its Newest Plastic Pallet

Craemer Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality and long-lasting plastic pallets, has released the CR4-5, the newest 48’’ x 40’’ pallet model within its CR series, well-known for its sustainability and heavy-duty load capabilities.  At 61 lb (27.5 kg), the made-for-U.S. multi-purpose pallet boasts load capacities that are unmatched compared to traditional wooden pallets.

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Craemer Group opens Corporation Office in the US

The Craemer Group, specialist in plastics processing with head-quarters in Germany, has recently opened a corporation office in Palm Harbor, Florida. The new of-fice will bring the company into closer proximity to serve existing customers and to engage prospec-tive clients in order to provide them with Craemer plastic pallets and containers. 

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50 Years of Craemer Plastic Pallets

The plastic processing company Paul Craemer GmbH is celebrating the 50th birthday of the Craemer plastic pallet. In 1967, Craemer received the patent for the world’s first one-piece injection moulded plastic pallet. Today, 50 years on, the German company – headquarters of the Craemer Group and specialist for Metal Forming, Plastics Processing and Tool Making – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality plastic load carriers.

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Open plastic pallet pool in the meat industry / Craemer at IPPE Atlanta

Load carrier management is an essential part of any efficient supply chain. In the early 90s, a specific type of hygienic plastic pallet became the standard load carrier for the entire European meat industry as well as many supplier industries. The plastic pallets run in an open pool and are exchangeable throughout the industry, which has greatly improved handling processes.

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Intermarché acquires over 250,000 Craemer plastic pallets

With over 250,000 plastic pallets rolled out across 35 logistics centres that supply the brand’s stores, Intermarché has left the rented pallet behind in favour of setting up their own plastic pallet pool - a first in France for a mass-market retailing brand.

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Craemer Plastic Pallets quality-tested by Virginia Tech

Craemer plastic pallets are now quality-tested by the established US material handling testing facilities at Virginia Tech. Two different plastic pallet types were selected from the enterprise’s product portfolio for intensive FasTrack testing. This established testing protocol simulates daily unit-load material handling practices. The results unambiguously demonstrate Craemer pallet quality, durability, and cost effectiveness.

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