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Robust load carriers for extremely high trip rates

2 CR Pallets

Craemer's CR range of plastic pallets has proven itself in the logistics of many industries as the ideal solution for complex tasks and heavy loads. Photo: Craemer Group

Craemer's EURO L1, which is identical in design to the Euro wooden pallet, and the L3 are also durable heavy-duty pallets. Photo: Craemer Group

The Craemer EURO H1 with GS1 quality seal stands for the implementation of international standards and can be exchanged in the open pool throughout Europe. Photo: Craemer Group

The quality, durability and robustness of the pallets and containers used in load carrier pooling are particularly important. Due to the often strenuous daily handling and extremely high trip rates, they must be extremely resistant to breakage and impact in order to prove themselves in the long term. The Craemer Group, the world's leading manufacturer of durable logistics solutions, offers suitable polyethylene (PE) load carriers such as the CR pallet, which are highly reliable in use.

In professional pooling (i.e., the sharing and re-use of pallets, pallet boxes, and containers in production processes, transport, and storage), pooling providers offer load carriers on a rental basis. In addition to reducing empty runs and labour costs, a pooling system also includes load carrier management, cleaning, maintenance and recycling. The goal: effective logistics processes, sustainable delivery routes and greater economic efficiency for an optimised supply-chain management. Leading providers of pooling solutions have therefore relied on the high quality of Craemer plastic pallets for decades. They know the high reliability of the robust load carriers in long-term use.

CR heavy-duty pallets for complex tasks

For complex tasks and heavy loads, Craemer's CR series plastic pallets are the ideal solution. The CR1 Euro pallet with integrated reinforcement profiles and a load capacity of up to 1,750 kg in high rack is firmly established in Euro pallet pool systems and has proven itself in the internal logistics of numerous industries. It offers excellent dimensional stability, especially in high racking systems (with temperature ranges up to +40°C).

Like the CR3 and CR3-5 industrial pallets, the CR1 has Palgrip® anti-slip coating on the upper deck and chamfered edges on both sides for ideal use with forklift trucks. They are also all-rounders for heavy loads and their robustness makes them ideal for pool pallets. The CR3 with three runners and CR3-5 with five runners and integrated stiffening profiles are suitable for a wide range of applications – from high racking (load-bearing capacity up to 1,400 kg) to use in automated processes.

Other models in the pallet pool have load-bearing capacities of up to 2,000 kg: The L1 and L3 with Palgrip anti-slip strips on the top deck and anti-slip coated runners. Manufactured from a single piece of injection-moulded plastic, the EURO L1 is extremely robust. With the same height (150 mm) as the Euro wooden pallet, it is perfect for intralogistics, trouble-free and maintenance-free. The L3 as industrial size version is also an excellent pooling pallet.

Ideal pooling pallet for medium loads

The H1 and H3 hygiene pallets are suitable for medium-heavy loads and have been tried and tested in the food and non-food sectors. Developed by Craemer in the early 1990s, the EURO H1, with its GS1 quality seal, stands for the implementation of international standards and can be exchanged in an open pool throughout Europe.

Thanks to RFID transponders (UHF, HF), Craemer's pool-compatible plastic pallets as well as pallet boxes or the ET box offer both pool providers and users dynamic data administration and flexible data management. This ensures a high level of process and cost transparency. In the field of "intelligent plastic pallets", Craemer also offers complete solutions based on RFID technology under the product brand of Palcontrol®.

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