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Meat processor relies on space-saving miracle from Craemer Group for many years

ET Box filled and stacked

Safe stacking: Specially designed surfaces at the top of the inside of the containers offer a stable support for the four feet of stacked boxes. Photo: Craemer Group

Perfect for (intra-)logistics: The ET Box is moved by electric pallet trucks and other industrial trucks at the Polish poultry meat processor. Photo: Craemer Group

For smooth production processes: For further processing, the contents of the stable ET Box are emptied using an automatic tipping device. Photo: Craemer Group

Large-volume plastic containers are indispensable aids in the internal and external logistics of the meat industry. Space- and cost-saving solutions such as the Economic Transport Box from the Craemer Group are particularly in demand. Thanks to the ingenious stacking system, these sturdy 300-litre stack-nest containers can be stacked easily and safely. And when the empty boxes are nested, they take up around 70 percent less space. A large Polish poultry processing company has been relying on the many benefits of the ET box for many years.

The industrial meat processing business has more than 20 years of experience in the market. Located in central Poland, the company operates one of the most modern production facilities for meat cutting and minced-meat production. Around 200 tonnes of poultry meat are processed into various products here every day. Cuts such as chicken and turkey legs, wings and breast fillets are produced, as well as minced poultry. The leftovers from meat production go to pet food manufacturers.

In its production processes, the poultry processor has been using the Economic Transport Box from Craemer – ET Box for short – for many years. Manufactured in single mould, this box is made of high-quality, food-safe polyethylene and has a capacity of 300 litres. The box has external dimensions of 1200 x 780 x 630 millimetres (L x W x H) and weighs 17.7 kilograms. Its load capacity is impressive: 250 kilograms of payload and 785 kilograms of extra load. Moreover, the ET Box can withstand temperatures from -30 to +40 degrees (or even +90 degrees for short periods) and is resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents. Another asset: The seamless design and smooth inner walls make it easy to clean and dry.

Safe and efficient stacking

The well-designed stacking system ensures the simple and efficient handling of the nestable and stackable ET Boxes. During stacking, specially designed surfaces at the top of the inside of the container offer a secure support for the four sturdy exterior feet. If rotated by 180 degrees, the ET Boxes can be nested inside each other to save space – for efficient logistics when the boxes are transported and stored empty. This permits to reduce the volume by around 70 percent: Four ET Boxes stacked on each other have a height of 2,445 mm, which corresponds to 14 stacked Euro stacking containers (2,450 mm).

The ET Box is rounded off by an integrated transponder brackets on the upper rim of the container's short sides, enabling the optional retrofitting of RFID tags. Dedicated fields for prints provide space for individually stamped logos, lettering or numbering.

More than 5,000 boxes are in use at the state-of-the-art Polish plant, which processes poultry meat into meat products for human consumption. The ET Box is moved around the plant by various industrial trucks (forklifts, hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks), stored in high racks and emptied by an automatic tipping device. “The poultry meat processor is very satisfied with both, the quality of the ET Boxes and with the service provided by Craemer”, confirms Arkadiusz Michal Wissuwa, Craemer Area Sales Manager Poland, “which is proven by the excellent cooperation over many years”.

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