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EURO H1 - hygienic, food-safe and durable

EURO H1 with GS1

Clearly visible: GS1 logo and approval number on the EURO H1 plastic pallet. Photo: Craemer Group

Recognised standard: the EURO H1 with GS1 quality stamp in the meat industry. Photo: Craemer Group

Guaranteed safety: handling the GS1-certified EURO H1 in high racking. Photo: Craemer Group

In many industries, the storage and transport of raw materials and products require the highest level of hygiene. Especially in (intra-)logistical processes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries, the use of load carriers that meet the strictest hygienic requirements and legal specifications is essential. The Craemer Group's food-safe plastic products make an important contribution to meet these challenges: They are easy to clean, extremely robust and durable. The EURO H1 plastic pallet is particularly suitable for the logistics and hygiene sector – it carries the GS1 stamp of approval for transparency in the supply chain and greater safety for users.

Craemer, a pioneer in plastics processing, developed the world's first one-piece injection moulded plastic pallet in 1967. Today, the company is an experienced partner to the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. When transporting and storing sensitive raw materials and goods, hygienic and absolutely reliable handling must be guaranteed. For safe (intra-)logistic processes, Craemer provides load carriers made of robust plastic that are characterised by high functionality, load-bearing capacity, process reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The EURO H1 plastic pallet is an innovative industry solution made of high-quality and food-safe polyethylene (PE): it is pool-compatible and can be used universally along the entire logistics chain. Whether it's automated systems, forklifts, high racking or storage: handling is guaranteed to be safe thanks to GS1 certification.

EURO H1 with GS1 stamp

The EURO H1 pallet, developed by Craemer as a pioneering achievement in the early 1990s, has carried the GS1 (formerly EHI for “EuroHandelsInstitut”; European trade body) stamp since 1993 which has long since become the gold standard in the food industry. As the basis for transporting standardised box systems, the hygiene pallet with welded runners and central retainer is compatible with the Euroboxes E1, E2, and E3. The EURO H1, which can be exchanged in an open pool throughout Europe, carries the GS1 quality stamp for the implementation of international standards, for optimised logistics and supply chains. Today, more than one million member companies in over 150 countries rely on GS1 for the automated processing of data and goods (addresses, item descriptions and other information). This standard specifies in detail the production of pallets with regard to material, construction, load-bearing capacity, stability, uniform tare weight and prevention of counterfeiting.

All Craemer EURO H1 pallets are clearly marked with the GS1 logo and an approval number. This allows users to see at a glance that Craemer plastic pallets meet the current quality requirements. Thanks to its high quality, the EURO H1 retains its shape even with intensive use and increasing recirculation cycles – making it a durable, sustainable and economical solution. The German Fraunhofer institute attests that the Craemer hygiene pallet has a safe service life of over 12 years and an extremely high load-bearing capacity.

This is why in addition to the meat and food industry, other fresh produce sectors and supplier industries such as logistics and packaging rely on this quality. On top of that, the robust load carriers can withstand temperatures from minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius, with short-term heat resistance of up to 90 degrees. Craemer's EURO H1 pallets are optionally available with RFID transponders for seamless shipment tracking. Dedicated fields for prints provide space for individually stamped logos, lettering or numbering.

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