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Experienced Partner In Beverage Logistics: Stable Plastic Pallets Ensure Safe Handling

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Tried and tested in the high rack: the CR3-5 heavy-duty pallet from Craemer at the French-Polynesian beverage manufacturer “Brasserie de Tahiti”. (Photo: Craemer Group)

The Craemer Group offers beverage industry pallet solutions that are specifically designed to meet customers' needs. The particularly high resilience and stability of these pallets guarantee safe handling in internal and external beverage logistics.

Craemer's CR plastic pallet is one among a line of successful load carriers offered by the company and is used in the beverage industry worldwide. The integrated reinforcement profiles and Palgrip® anti-slip coating on the top deck, which was developed by Craemer, make it ideal for handling heavy loads.

The CR3-5 – in use worldwide

With a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,400 kilograms, the 5-runner CR3-5 industrial pallet ensures safe storage of beverages even on high racks, for example at the “Brasserie de Tahiti” based in Papete, known in Europe for their spring water “Eau Royale”. “The French-Polynesian beverage manufacturer has been using our CR3-5 for many years", says Bart Vandekerkhof, Head of International Sales at Craemer. “The highly stable, safe and durable heavy-duty pallet has proven itself in the company's internal and external logistics cycles, and that under the difficult conditions of the tropics.”

The L3 Palgrip® – up to all challenges

The CR plastic pallet is just one example of Craemer's innovative industry solutions, boasting high functionality, load-bearing capacity, process reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. New to the portfolio is the L-pallet. Integrated reinforcement profiles mean the L3® (industrial size) can carry up to 2,000 kilograms in a high rack and, like the CR, is equipped with Palgrip® anti-slip strips on the top deck, which secure the load even in an inclined position. In addition, the L pallet has flat, closed Palgrip® anti-slip runners to ensure trouble-free operation on all commercially available intralogistics conveyor systems.

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