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Spring time is fishing exhibition time for Craemer...

Seafood wall

Craemer presents the new generation of fish boxes at Seafood Processing

The new Cramer fish box with RFID technology

In recent weeks Craemer participated in some fishing exhibitions in Europe. We want to tell briefly about: The annual Seafood Processing exhibition in Brussels is firmly established in Craemer calendar. It has become one of the big, international fishing exhibitions worldwide. Visitors come from Australia, China, South America, Norway or Britain and other European countries. Since more than 10 years Craemer has a prominent stand and presents its wide product range of containers and plastic pallets for fishing industry, e.g. Euro Fish Boxes. The old fishing expo in Glasgow ceased and was replaced by new smaller Skipper Expos in different regions of Great Britain and Ireland.

Craemer can thus be represented in many regions as partner for fishing industry. At Skipper Expo in Galway, Ireland and Skipper Expo in Aberdeen, Scotland Craemer highlighted the main products required by the Irish Seafood Industry, the 40 kilo and 20 kilo fish boxes, along with other relevant products. In autumn Craemer will be represented at another Skipper Expo in Bristol, England with its product range.

At Polfish Fair in Gdansk, Poland Craemer and its new Sales Partner Delker Polska Sp. z o.o. represented the high quality fish boxes to polish fish farms of the east coast and also inland, as well as visitors from the Baltic and from the Kaliningrad exclave.

Highlight of all exhibitions was the introduction of the new generation of Craemer Fish Boxes: Innovative design at 20 kg and 40 kg Fish Box with the market's first reliable solution for secure traceability from the Fishing Vessel to the auctions, to the processor.

Further proven Craemer products for the fishing industry:

  • Euro Fish Box, 25 kg
    Craemer's Classic Euro Fish Box is designed for a wide range of applications at sea and on shore, as well as used successfully in fish farming in production and transport. This robust, reliable and durable boxes are nestable and stackable. With arrow-marking for easier nesting and stacking and Craemer's unique outside drainage system. Together with the Craemer's euro plastic pallet H1 with 11 mm rims the Euro Fish Box creates a clever integrated handling system, presenting an efficient and economical solution for logistics.
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  • TC Plastic Pallets
    Due to the unique design, the Craemer TC (Totally Closed) is what it says: highly hygienic, durable, and ideal for the heavy demands required in the Fishing Industry.
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  • Large Containers, 210 - 650 l
    Craemer Large Containers are designed for a wide range of applications in industries where highest hygiene demands are required. They are dimensionally stable, food-safe and resistant to acid, nestable (stackable only with lid). Trolleys are available for several sizes as well as lids for all sizes.
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Craemer is partner for fishing industry across the entire process chain: From catching to transport to processing to packaging to trading fish. Strongest argument is therefore the wide range of products for various applications in the fishing industry.

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Chris Neill (Great Britain & Ireland)
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