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Wheelie bin contract in Aberdeen

Sea Cargo Aberdeen have been contracted by Craemer UK Ltd to supply the transport service to fulfill their contract to supply wheelie bins to Aberdeenshire Council.


“Craemer UK are leading UK manufacturers of plastic wheelie bins based in Telford in Shropshire. Craemer are currently contracted to supply 75,000 plastic wheeled bins to Aberdeenshire Council and from the onset of the contract we were keen to establish a supply link between our Telford factory and the Council which was both cost effective and as environmentally friendly as possible. Sea Cargo and Northwards have been able to satisfy both criteria by employing a unique combination of road and sea transport enabling us to supply the Council’s bin distribution programme on a just-in-time basis” says Steve Poppitt, UK Sales Director of Craemer UK Limited.


By shipping the bins by sea from Immingham to Aberdeen, we are taking all this freight off the road, and with the end destination only 13 miles from the harbour, it means less road miles.

With a local contact point in Aberdeen we acheive better control of arrival of loads to the end destination, which results in better use of manpower for council as they could receive multiple loads in one day.

“Aberdeenshire Council are delighted that Craemer and Sea Cargo have been working together to bring bins via sea to Aberdeenshire. The new recycling service we are implementing is all about recycling more and decreasing carbon emissions, and it is great that even at the start of the supply chain, carbon emissions are being minimised. It also helps us from an operational point of view; we can pick and choose when we want our deliveries from the port to our depot, which is much more convenient and eliminate the delays which can happen with long distance road haulage” Waste Management Officer Matt Davis explains.


Sea Cargo is always keen to ensure that we have the right equipment for the job, and have on this occasion invested in having a special attachment manufactured for the forklift. This to ensure safe and timely transhipping of the bins in to the containers for onward shipment by sea.




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