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Durable plastic pallets made by Craemer

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Durable products: One-piece injection-moulded Craemer plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers stand for high quality. This makes them durable, hard-wearing, maintenance-free and recyclable. Photo: Craemer Group

Tested strength: The Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund confirms that the EURO H1 pallet from Craemer has a service life of more than twelve years. Photo: Craemer Group

Plastics instead of wood: The design of the splinter-free EURO L1® plastic pallet from Craemer (l x w x h: 1200 x 800 x 150 mm) corresponds to that of wooden Euro pallet. Photo: Craemer Group

Revolutionary: In 1967, Craemer was granted the patent for the world's first one-piece injection-moulded plastic pallet. Photo: Craemer Group

Commitment to sustainability: The new Craemer injection moulding plant consumes only 55 percent of the energy of a conventional new building. Photo: Craemer Group

Durability, sustainability, environmental friendliness: new standards apply to (intra-)logistics processes relating to production, transport and storage – including load carriers. High quality, durable, hard-wearing, versatile, maintenance-free and recyclable: These are the features of pallets and containers that ensure sustainable and economical (warehouse) logistics. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of durable logistics solutions with more than 60 years of experience in plastics processing, the Craemer Group develops and produces high-quality reusable load carriers with exactly these characteristics. A prime example is the EURO L1® plastic pallet – made of plastic instead of wood. In the production of its plastic products, the Group is increasingly focusing on self-made recycled materials and on renewable energies.

In 1967, Craemer revolutionised the world market with the very first plastic one-piece injection-moulded plastic pallet. To this day, the group offers load carriers made from high-quality polyethylene (PE) in one shot (including runners) and thus logistic solutions with significant added value. “We also have the latest tooling and production technologies at our disposal, which are the result of our many years of expertise in plastics processing and tool and mould making,” explains Daniel Roer, Head of Sales Materials Handling and authorised officer of Craemer GmbH. “The exclusive use of high-quality materials, the sophisticated design and robust construction of our pallets and pallet boxes, as well as the production method, also improve their longevity.”

Tested resilience and longevity

The extremely durable plastic load carriers from Craemer are durable, economical, and recyclable, making them ideal for sustainable intralogistics and efficient warehousing. In 2007, the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund, Germany, certified that the EURO H1 pallet from Craemer is extremely resilient and has a service life of more than twelve years. The EURO H1, standard in the meat and food industry since its introduction in 1993, stands for the implementation of international standards with the GS1 quality seal and can be exchanged throughout Europe in the open pool. In 2022, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA) certified that the Craemer CR4-5 inch-size pallet completed more than 500 trip rates – far more than any competing pallet. These two pallets are exemplary for all Craemer plastic products and impressive proof of the special focus that the Germany-based Group has been placing on longevity for decades.

Euro pallet L1 made from plastic instead of wood

“The intralogistics systems of many European companies in production, trade and logistics are adapted to the dimensions of the wooden Euro pallet,” says Daniel Roer. “The EURO L1 developed by Craemer is a real ‘game changer’ because it is the first plastic pallet that is 100 per cent recognised by all systems. Contour or base-plate control systems often reject incompatible pallets, which costs time and can lead to expensive repackaging of the load, whereas the L1 offers great customer benefits.”

This solution is therefore a practical alternative to traditional wooden pallets. Unlike wood, which can wear out and splinter in everyday use, the L1 has proven to be extremely robust and durable as it is injection-moulded in one piece from PE. Its robustness and durability make it sustainable and versatile. Palgrip® anti-slip elements in the form of anti-slip strips on the upper deck also contribute to this. These strips ensure that the load is held securely, even in inclined positions and in damp environments. The three evenly closed runners are optionally available as welded Palgrip anti-slip runners for optimum running smoothness on roller conveyors or chain conveyors.

Pallets and pallet boxes with a long service life

To optimise sustainable storage and transport logistics, Craemer offers plastic pallets for a wide range of requirements. The portfolio ranges from half, Euro and industrial formats to pallets with inch sized dimensions, from heavy-duty to hygienic applications. There are conductive models, equipment options such as steel reinforcement, pallet collars or lids, completely closed models or customised designs and sizes. Also part of the Craemer portfolio: durable large load carriers made of high-quality PE in various designs and sizes for different applications and industries. The portfolio ranges from hygienic boxes and UN-certified pallet boxes, models in Euro or industrial sizes, boxes with extra-large capacities or in metal grid format for parallel or alternative applications. Thanks to their seamless design, Craemer pallet boxes are robust, durable, and maintenance-free. The smooth interior walls allow easy emptying and fast cleaning. This protects the environment and speeds up logistical processes in daily handling.

Craemer plastic pallets and pallet boxes can also be fitted with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponders, making them traceable, “smart” information carriers. Other quality features include temperature-resistance from minus 30 degrees to plus 40 degrees Celsius, and up to 90 degrees for short periods. The various reusable load carriers are characterised by their consistent quality, zero maintenance and long service life, even with a high number of trip rates. “Many pooling providers have relied on the high quality of Craemer plastic pallets for decades,” says Roer, “they value the reliability of our robust load carriers in long-term use.”

Circular economy and renewable energies

In pooling, the Craemer pallet benefits from its durability and from the localisation and tracking of each individual pallet thanks to RFID. Another advantage in terms of sustainability: “Craemer products made of PE are one hundred percent recyclable,” says Roer. “We take back used plastic products from our own production and transform them into quality raw materials thanks to decades of experience and our own extruder machinery,” he explains, “from which we then produce new, high-quality plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers in our plastic injection moulding plants.” This way, the material and the product remain an essential part of the circular economy, while the waste of valuable resources – including water and energy – is minimised. Conclusion: Pallets and pallet boxes from Craemer are sustainable and economical solutions for efficient intralogistics processes.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the Group is also increasingly focusing on renewable energy. In 2022, Craemer put a new injection moulding plant into operation to expand its headquarters in Germany. In addition to a wind turbine with an annual output of 16.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity, photovoltaic systems are planned for the roof of the building and outdoor areas. The new factory building complies with the KfW 55 standard of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (German reconstruction loan corporation) for energy-efficient buildings and does not require any gas supply at all.

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