Flow of goods benefits from durable plastic pallets

Retail logistics can benefit from the advantages of Craemer plastic pallets, as they contribute to a smooth flow of goods in closed loop. The robust load carriers convince with durability, high quality and reliability. They offer high dimensional stability, ideal for automated warehouses and are a reliable component of all standard handling and conveyor systems.

Process security for the entire supply chain

The CS pallet is the newest member of the Craemer plastic pallet portfolio and available in euro and industrial size. It is an ideal lightweight pick pallet for the closed loop between distribution centres and stores. By optionally equipping the CS pallet with welded runners and corrosion-protected reinforcement profiles it becomes suitable for high racking and runs errorless in automated racking systems. With it’s almost completely closed deck the CS is ideal for handling bagged goods, cardboard, and other packed goods.

The D2 half pallet is ideal for retail and food logistics. It convinces with high runner stability and bending strength, perfect for roller and chain conveyors.

Craemer product range for retail logistics:

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