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Craemer TC plastic pallets with or without Palgrip coating

TC Palgrip

Craemer's TC plastic pallets are available in a range of sizes and designs, with the option of Palgrip anti-slip decks to provide reliable load securing Photo source: Craemer Group

Perfect reliability is essential in logistics, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Craemer Group, a pioneer in plastics processing, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of durable logistics solutions made from high-quality polyethylene (PE). With the completely closed TC pallets, Craemer offers versatile load carriers with a sturdy design, durable and resistant, making them ideal for logistics or intralogistics applications. Equipped with an optional full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck, their use ensures reliable load securing – even in extreme situations.

The TC series represents a new quality of closed pallet. Extensive practical tests have proven that the Craemer TC (i. e., Totally Closed) is the only load carrier whose body remains permanently undamaged and closed all the way round, even when subjected to severe impacts during handling. Its quality features: extreme impact resistance due to its honeycomb structure, solid wall thicknesses and patented welding geometry in the connection of top and lower deck; proven high quality of workmanship (no age-related cracks; tightness up to an internal pressure of 4 bar); stable connection of runners; cavity and rib-free construction to protect against contamination and water ingress; excellent cleaning properties. All this makes the TC series particularly suitable for the high hygiene requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

TC3 and TC1: Industrial and Euro size

The TC plastic pallet in industrial size (1200 x 1000 mm) with three (TC3) or five runners (TC3-5) has already set standards (static load capacity of 7500 kilograms; dynamic and in high racking, with optional reinforcement by three profiles: 2000 kilograms). The TC1 in Euro pallet format (1200 x 800 mm) and with three runners is compatible with all common plastic pallets of the same format with a closed top deck. Its technical details: static load capacity of 7500 kilograms; dynamic and in high racking, with three reinforcement profiles: 1750 kilograms; optionally available with outer rims.

With Palgrip anti-slip coating

All TC pallet models are optionally available with a full-surface Palgrip anti-slip coating in PE for perfect load security. Thanks to the one-step production process, the Palgrip anti-slip coating developed by Craemer is firmly bonded to the pallet body. It provides perfect slip resistance and a secure hold for the load, even in wet or damp conditions and in inclined positions. Craemer is the only manufacturer in the world to offer such a solution for reliable logistics processes. 

All TC pallet models (with a height of 160 mm) are dimensionally stable and can withstand temperatures from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius, even up to +90 degrees for short periods. Chamfered edges on both sides of the non-welded runners allow for optimum transport with forklift trucks. TC pallets are suitable for use on roller and chain conveyors and in automated high-rack systems. An RFID transponder is available as an option for traceability.

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