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Craemer Plastic Pallets: Kitchen manufacturer ALNO shows how it’s done

If you have bought a new kitchen in the last few years you will be able to recall the wealth of possibilities: colours, materials, fronts and handles - designing a kitchen has become a highly individual process. German kitchen manufacturer ALNO follows this trend and offers kitchens that match each individual requirement. With that level of flexibility it is obvious that it is all about logistics in the kitchen industry.

A key factor for smooth logistic processes is the right load carrier. German kitchen manufacturer ALNO made a head start in realising this: The intralogistic of its subsidiary Wellmann Küchen already made the switch from wooden to plastic pallets in 1995. Due to daily heavy loads the lifespan of most wooden pallets did not exceed six months. With more than 17.000 pallets in use this was too short for Michael Podstufka, Manager of Technical Services at Wellmann, who saw huge potential for economic and ecological improvements: “Thanks to the introduction of a durable, dimensionally stable plastic pallet we were able to eliminate disturbances in our automated intralogistics”, explains Podstufka and adds: “With the supply of pallets running smooth ever since we were even able to implement additional pallet magazines”.

Proving their worth in everyday handling

The decision for Craemer products was made following thorough testing of different plastic and wooden pallets. Important criteria were high product quality to avoid pallet load damages, weight and dimensional stability. “Craemer was able to meet all criteria and in addition prove that it is a forward-thinking company with an ambition towards sustainability. These are values we shared in 1995 and to this day.” Since then the high-quality pallets are proving their worth in everyday handling. Despite the tough daily routine at Wellmann just 1.500 of the 17.000 pallets broke in the last 20 years. A convincing result for Podstufka: “We produce 350 kitchens each day and our pallets are in continuous use. Such a low failure rate over this period of time means load carriers we can count on.”

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