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MGB wheelie bins & Pallet boxes

Innovative waste management solutions: Craemer offers a wide range of large wheelie bins and pallet boxes for municipalities and industry. Photo: Craemer Group

Durable, easy to fill and empty, safe to handle, resistant to aggressive substances and completely weatherproof: large wheelie bins and disposal containers have to meet many requirements. The Craemer Group, which has been manufacturing plastic containers for the waste and disposal industry since the 1980s, offers a wide range of products available for both, municipal and industrial use.

Separation of recyclable materials, recycling processes and strict legislation make the collection, transport and sorting of household and commercial waste a complex task. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality wheelie bins (MGB for German “Müllgroßbehälter”) and a long-standing supplier to the waste management industry, Craemer has developed a portfolio of practical and reliable products. An example of innovative solutions for waste disposal are the large wheelie bins with 2 or 4 wheels (MGB type), mostly made of high-quality plastic regranulate.

The MGBneo series (120 to 360 litres) is an economical solution in the standard noise-insulated 2-wheeled range which is particularly stable thanks to uniform wall thickness and all-round reinforcement. For the first time, selected sizes can be stacked up to 13 high, saving transport and storage costs. Other features of the MGBneo wheelie bins: Replaceable release pins for easy lid replacement; printing areas for labelling on lid and body; external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (optionally 200 or 250mm diameter for 120-240l and 200 or 300mm diameter for 340-360l); available in grey, green, brown, blue, yellow and red.

The MGBplus series (120-240l) is particularly stable and robust. These wheelie bins are also ideal for daily heavy-duty use (e. g. with faster lifting cycles) thanks to the reinforcement of front area, wheelhouse and axle bearing. The external chassis consists of rubber-tyred wheels (diameter of 200 or 250mm).

Craemer's classic models include the MGB 60 and 80, which – due to their smaller capacity (60 and 80 litres) – are particularly suitable for household waste separation. Their features: Comb lift receiver with robust support struts and guiding ribs for high load capacity and work safety; external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (200 mm diameter).

The Diamond transfer containers (DU for German Diamond- Umleerbehälter) with a front collar for picking up and emptying 2-wheeled bins complete the Craemer range. With capacities from 60 to 240 litres, these wheelie bins are ideal for use with side loaders thanks to their secure self-centring mechanism. Other features: A large latching area and external chassis with rubber-tyred wheels (200 mm diameter) ensure a firm fit of the bin.

In addition to the proven 2 and 4 wheeled plastic waste bin range with special equipment and accessories (lids with different openings, “lid-in-lid” or locking systems etc.), Craemer offers a range of robust plastic pallet boxes that are also suitable for waste collection, for example the UN-certified CB for hazardous goods, the extremely robust SB3 and the large-volume CB3 High.

Founded in 1912, the Craemer Group, with its headquarters in Germany and three other European production sites, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of logistics and waste disposal solutions. In 2022, the family-run company employed around 1,000 staff and achieved a total operating performance of around 372 million Euros.

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