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50 Years of Craemer Plastic Pallets

The plastic processing company Paul Craemer GmbH is celebrating the 50th birthday of the Craemer plastic pallet. In 1967, Craemer received the patent for the world’s first one-piece injection moulded plastic pallet. Today, 50 years on, the German company – headquarters of the Craemer Group and specialist for Metal Forming, Plastics Processing and Tool Making – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality plastic load carriers.

Chronological and process-technological development

1912 – A success story begins

In May 1912 the engineer Paul Craemer founds the Press-, Stanz- und Hammerwerke GmbH for metal processing in Herzebrock, Germany. Shortly afterwards Tool Making facilities are added to manufacture supplier parts for household and agricultural appliances. Soon Craemer has acquired numerous customers abroad. The company is expanded and modernised and as from 1945 recognised as a major supplier of parts for agricultural machinery.

1958 – A milestone is set

Alongside Metal Forming Craemer opens a new business activity for Plastics Processing for which the company purchases the largest plastics processing machine available in Europe: a Triulzi with a capacity of 1,500 tons. Craemer begins with the injection moulding of large containers.

1967 – The innovation is patented

Craemer acquires the patent for the world’s first plastic pallet moulded in one shot.

1970s – The first diversification succeeds

Craemer develops the A and B versions of the C Family particularly for the meat processing industry. The C version follows suit and reaches market relevance also in other branches. Craemer invests in new technology, thus responding to the increasing requirement of industry with the S Family.

1980s – The specialisation follows

Craemer invests in innovative technology, thus responding to the increasing requirements of the industry with new pallet types such as the solid heavy-duty pallet for the German Railway Company, from which the S Family evolves. Due to this development and an enormous export demand, the pallet becomes one of the company’s core products.

1990s – A standard is set

With the H Family Craemer develops the first load carrier to fulfil the strict hygienic requirements for the meat industry. In 1993 the European Trade Institute (Europäisches Handelsinstitut: EHI) recommends the Euro H1 hygiene pallet. Within a very short time the H1 becomes the accepted standard pallet and is recognised as the first freely exchangeable pool pallet.

2000s – Complex tasks fulfilled

With the CR Family (Complete Racking) Craemer responds to the demand for extremely resilient load carriers for universal usage in racking systems – with integrated reinforcement profiles and anti-slip top deck. Being equipped with RFID transponders (Radio Frequency Identification) the CR is the ideal pool pallet.

2010s – New challenges mastered

Craemer further develops their pallet range – the focus is on special custom solutions: the completely closed TC Family (Totally Closed) for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry; the sturdy, lightweight D Family for the distribution in the non-food area and the almost completely closed CS Family for cross-industry usage.

2020s…. – Well-set to meet the future

The importance of plastic pallets is growing. For some industries and application areas the use of plastic load carriers has already become the standard. This also increases the demands placed on the product and its quality. Craemer is well-prepared for this development: thanks to more than 100 years of experience in the development and production of plastic pallets, continuous investments into process technology and close customer contact. The next pallet generation is at the ready.

Brochure – 50 Years Craemer Plastic Pallets



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