Hygienic plastic pallets for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a main driver for innovation and development and a key industry in Europe. It places particularly high demands and strict regulations on product hygiene as well as the production environment. The finished products are highly sensitive, making compliance with hygiene regulations a must for all intralogistics processes. The use of plastic load carriers can contribute significantly to supporting these standards.

Craemer manufactures high-quality plastic pallets made from only pure PE and offers solutions for numerous areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - from highly sensitive cleanroom, to production line or goods dispatch applications. High-quality Craemer plastic pallets are both HACCP and GMP conform and easily washable after every trip, which ensures reliable protection from contamination or water ingress. Plastic load carriers can also help minimise load damages caused during shipping.

Completely closed for 100% hygiene

One example from the product portfolio is the cleanroom suitable TC pallet. This completely closed plastic pallet is setting new standards with its smooth deck surface. The patented welding seam geometry of top and bottom deck ensures that the pallet remains completely closed even during rough handling and thus free from contamination.

Craemer product range for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry:

Products for chemie and pharmaceutics

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