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EURO L1® – plastics instead of wood

EURO L1 with wood pallet

The new EURO L1® pallet: the size of 150 x 1,200 x 800 millimetres (height x length x width) corresponds to those of wooden Euro pallets.

The unique Palgrip® anti-slip coating keeps loading on the deck even in an inclined position.

Anti-slip runners ensure that this robust and splinter-free plastic pallet runs smoothly on all conveyor lines.

Reliable transport and logistics systems with professional palletising and container loading require durable, practical and economical solutions for storage and transport of freight and trade products from A to B in a quick and smooth manner, without damage. With the new EURO L1®, the Craemer Group has developed a sustainable and robust plastic pallet that fulfils even the most demanding requirements in the transport and logistics trade.

The intralogistic systems of numerous European companies operating in production, trade and logistics are adapted to the dimensions of the wooden Euro pallet. With overall dimensions of 150 x 1,200 x 800 millimetres (height x length x width), a new innovation from Craemer corresponds exactly to these Euro sizes: EURO L1®. This new solution developed and made in Germany is a practical alternative to conventional pallets. In contrast to wood, which wears out really quick and splinters in everyday use, the EURO L1® is extremely robust and durable since it is injection-moulded in one piece from high-quality polyethylene (PE).

Suitable for all kinds of applications in logistics, this splinter-free plastic pallet from Craemer is particularly suitable for automated high rack warehouses. It is compatible with old and new installations, all types of light barriers and sensors and, thanks to its special design, runs maintenance-free and trouble-free on all commercially available conveyor technology systems, such as chain conveyors and roller conveyors. EURO L1® can also be controlled with the help of conventional stacker cranes, palletisers and depalletisers. The pallet is provided with 5 reinforcement profiles, permitting a static load capacity of 7,500 kilograms and 1,250 kilograms in motion (dynamic load) or in high racking.

The Palgrip® elements are additional features of this new pallet. As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality plastic pallets, Craemer has developed Palgrip®, a unique anti-slip coating. This coating is a standard feature on the upper deck in the shape of abrasion-resistant, welded anti-slip strips. These strips make sure that the load is held securely in a wide range of conditions, even in inclined positions and in damp environments. Three evenly closed runners ensure trouble-free materials handling. These skids are also optionally available as welded Palgrip® anti-slip skids for optimum smooth running on roller conveyors or chain conveyors.

The optional available RFID transponders (radio frequency identification) turn the plastic pallets into traceable, “smart” information carriers. Further quality features are outer rims or reinforcement profiles as well as a temperature resistance of minus 30 °C to plus 40 °C, and briefly up to +90 °C. Even with increasing trip rates, the EURO L1® pallet maintains its quality and stands out on account of its long service life. Conclusion: an economical load carrier for efficient logistics.

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