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Craemer's Original – the Euro H1. Now with the new GS1 "Safety Tested" quality seal

The EURO H1 has proved itself in Europe a million times over. It has been the food industry standard and the leading load carrier in the meat industry since 1993. With the introduction of the new GS1 "Safety Tested" quality certification, sweeping changes are in store for the standardised, exchangeable EURO H1 pallet:

New certification standard for improved quality assurance

Quality criteria were thoroughly revised and updated to comply with the new GS1 "Safety Tested" certification standard. It is both an expanded and more detailed set of quality standard requirements than the previous EHI certification standard. Users, trade associations within the meat industry and manufacturers of reusable load carriers worked together to formulate stringent specifications in terms of pallet design and materials used in order to ensure continuous improvement of the strength, durability and hygiene of this successful load carrier and to enhance its proven performance even further.  

A new GS1 logo, but pallets with the EHI label will still be exchangeable

The new GS1 certification standard will replace the previous EHI Retail Institute e.V. certification standard. EURO H1 pallets will no longer be labelled with the EHI symbol, but with the new GS1 logo. However, pallets bearing the EHI label can still be exchanged.

More stringent approval and monitoring procedures ensure greater safety

More stringent approval and monitoring procedures in order to comply with the more demanding GS1 quality standards will reduce the incidence of poor quality or counterfeit pallets, which in the past have repeatedly disrupted logistics processes and pallet exchange operations. In future, it will be easy to identify and remove substandard pallets and return them to the sender immediately.

Greater transparency in the delivery chain and greater safety for pallet users

As a certified pallet manufacturer, all Craemer's EURO H1 pallets will carry an approval number and the clearly visible GS1 logo with effect from 15 October 2012.

In this way, users will be able to tell at a glance that our pallets comply with the latest quality requirements. Detailed information is available on the following websites: and

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