Wheelie bins
For municipal and industrial applications

Wheelie Bins


The 660-1100 l wheelie bins MGBneo⁴ are ideally suited for industrial applications and any kind of high-volume waste. The 4-wheel container complies with DIN EN 840 and RAL-GZ 951/1 (GGAWB).


  • High manufacturing quality and long lifetime
  • Strengthened front comb for highest safety during emptying
  • Steel-reinforced lifting trunnions ensure safe and robust lifting
  • Handles on all sides of the body
  • Lid design prevents water ingress when opening the lid
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MGBneo⁴ | Data sheet (PDF)
Art. no.
Outer length (mm)
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Material Lid
Holding Capacity
Available colours
MGBneo4 660 l 1370 ±10 mm max. 850 mm max. 1370 mm 660 l PE 264 kg grey, green, blue, red, yellow
MGBneo4 770 l 1370 ±10 mm max. 870 mm max. 1370 mm 770 l PE 308 kg grey, green, blue, red, yellow
MGBneo4 1100 l 1370 ±10 mm max. 1190 mm max. 1470 mm 1100 l PE 440 kg grey, green, blue, red, yellow
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