High-quality grit bins made of PE: Reliable bins for wintery conditions

Craemer manufactures high-quality grit bins from pure polyethylene (PE) for the reliable storage of gritting materials. The injection-moulded grit bins are thick-walled, extremely robust and weatherproof. Thanks to their solid construction, they enable smooth operations wherever they are used - whether it is at railway stations, airports, motorways or any other private or public area. Reliable snow clearing and gritting ensures uninterrupted mobility and transport infrastructure even in difficult weather conditions. The Craemer grit bins are easy to fill, empty and clean, making them ideal for the storage of gritting materials.

Craemer grit bins: Weatherproof in cold and frosty conditions

Grit bins from Craemer are thick-walled, extremely robust and weatherproof. This makes them ideal for the storage of materials for gritting in winter. The multi-purpose bins made of high-quality material offer high impact resistance, which also means protection against vandalism. Forklift or pallet trucks can pass beneath them, and they are convenient to handle, absolutely weatherproof and can be stacked inside each other to save space if required. Thanks to a standard locking device, the grit is safely stored. The overhanging lid edge also protects against water ingress. Another plus: The environmentally friendly plastic containers are completely recyclable.

User-friendly for municipal and commercial snow clearing and gritting in winter

Particularly user-friendly in daily handling, the robust containers have proven their worth in cities and municipalities as well as in commercial and corporate snow clearing and gritting. Craemer grit bins are a multi-purpose choice that offers high impact resistance, which also ensures protection against vandalism. They offer conventient handling and are accessible with forklifts or pallet trucks. If required, the Craemer grit bins can be nested for space-saving transportation and storage. Craemer grit bins are equipped with a locking device as standard, ensuring a safe storage of gritting materials. Furthermore, the overhanging lid edge protects against water ingress and the overall grit bin construction with robust and maintenance-free hinges, galvanised bars and four feet makes it an ideal choice for demanding tasks. Moreover, they are temperature-resistant from minus 30 degrees to plus 40 degrees Celsius (and briefly up to 90 degrees heat). The Craemer grit bins are available with capacity of 210 l or 400 l and in either green or basalt grey with orange lid. If required, lettering can be applied to customise the bins. 

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