Extra features and fittings

Depending on the bin type, numerous extra features and fi ttings are available to individually adjust the container to fi t your requirements. Different aperture options, locking systems, individual marking and sequential numbering as well as a comfortable lid-in-lid solution for easy lid opening from both sides are available. The following overview shows a selection of optional features:

2-wheel bins

Deckel beidseitig zu öffnen

Lid, openable from both sides


Split bin with partition wall

2-Rad 250mm Räder

Wheels Ø 250 mm

4-wheel bins


Forklift pockets

Federentlasteter Deckel

Spring-balanced lid


Tow bar


Heavy-duty casters


Ram protection

Verstärkte Aufnahmezapfen

Reinforced receptacle pins

Other special solutions

  • MEDIBIN - Single use containers 15, 30, 60 l
  • DSB-BIN - Container for recycling bags 60 l
  • KSB - Kitchen waste sorting bin 10 l