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Craemer presents further product début! For optimised handling: The 300l ET Box

ET Boxen stacked and nested

The optimised stacking system of the ET Box enables easy and safe stacking and reduces the space taken up by nested empty boxes by around 70 percent. (Photo: Craemer)

Special ribbing reinforces the circumferential container rim and the floor. A central foot provides additional stability. (Photo: Craemer)

The seam-free design and smooth inner walls enable the easy cleaning and drying of the ET box. (Photo: Craemer)

Large-volume plastic containers are indispensable aids in the internal and external logistics of the meat sector and numerous other industries. Solutions that save on space and costs are particularly in demand. Craemer's new Economic Transport Box offers all this. Thanks to the optimised stacking system, the stable 300-litre rotary stacking container can be stacked easily and safely. In addition, when these boxes are nested once they are empty, they bring about an impressive space reduction of around 70 percent.

The new Economic Transport Box from Craemer – "ET Box" for short – is made from high-quality, food-grade polyethylene in a single mould-production and is HACCP-compliant. The container holds 300 litres, weighs 17.7 kg and has a length of 1,200 mm, width of 780 mm, and height of 630 mm (external dimensions). The ET Box can withstand temperatures from
-30 to +40 degrees and even +90 degrees for short periods of time. It is resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents. The seam-free design and smooth inner walls mean that the container is easily cleaned and dried.

Safe and efficient stacking

The optimised stacking system ensures the simple and efficient handling of the nestable and stackable ET Box. During stacking, specially designed surfaces at the top of the inside of the container offer a secure support for the four sturdy exterior feet. If rotated through 180 degrees, the ET Boxes can be conveniently nested inside each other to save space – for efficient logistics when the boxes are transported and stored empty. This brings about a space reduction of around 70 percent. A comparison of stack height: Four ET Boxes stacked on each other have a height of 2,445 mm, which corresponds to 14 stacked Euro stacking containers (2,450 mm). Reinforcements on the tapered long sides of the boxes make it really easy to unstack them when empty and increase the stability of the container walls. Narrow and/or orthogonal ribbing reinforces the circumferential container rim and the floor, whilst the latter is given additional stability by a central foot.

The ET Box is rounded off by an integrated transponder brackets on the upper rim of the container's short sides, enabling the optional retrofitting of RFID tags. Printing fields offer space for an individual logo, lettering, or numbering.


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