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Craemer at LogiMAT trade fair 2012: Live premiere of the pallet innovation D1

The Craemer Group will be presenting itself as a partner for logistics solutions at the LogiMAT trade fair (Hall 1 / Stand Nr. 231). Exhibiting new products and services for intelligent load carrier management, this year's trade fair appearance will focus on the slogan: "Quality that pays off". The absolute highlight of the show will be Craemer's new D1.

Craemer's D1 - the profitable alternative to wood pallets

For the first time ever, Craemer will be presenting a lightweight 12kg pallet with high load-bearing capacity and long service life: the new D1 Euro pallet (1200 x 800mm) - a great alternative to classic wooden Euro pallets.
The Craemer D1 pallet has been especially developed for users of wood pallets in intralogistics who would specifically like to save costs in pallet logistics and who are considering a switch to reusable alternatives due to chipping, lack of hygiene, poor dimensional stability, lack of quality standards or frequent downtimes and missing pallets.
The D1 pallet is also attractive for users of single-use pallets who often have to deal with damaged goods after ocean transport.

The D1 pallet makes switching from wood and single-use pallets to reusable pallets easy. This will pay off in economic and ecological terms. 

Craemer's D1 - ready for the future

The D1 pallet provides long-term quality. It is thus an investment into the future. With a service life of over 10 years, this pallet provides a measurable contribution to greater sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Craemer's D1 - retrofittable and extremely flexible

The D1 is the perfect solution for all those users that would like to be flexible and prepared for future logistic requirements: The D1 can be retrofitted with other equipment features at any time - even after long periods of use:
- up to 4 reinforcement profiles increase the load-bearing capacity to 1250kg max. in
  high rack systems
- up to 14 anti-slip profiles for non-slip, safe applications
- RFID technology in the form of transponders for optimising intralogistics processes

Craemer plastic pallets - special sizes for any requirement

Craemer successfully develops and manufactures tailor-made pallets in special sizes. Their high quality and first-class finish ensure safe and reliable handling of large goods, such as large assemblies or machine parts, solar technology modules or large packaging materials.

2012 - a great year for innovation

At this year's LogiMAT, the Craemer Group will, for the first time ever, present their bundled service offer. The Group is continuously expanding its competencies in the areas of pool service and RFID technology. Along the supply chain, customers and partners benefit from complete solutions featuring personalised load carriers, innovative RFID technology and web-based process management and execution. Seeing the Craemer Group's stand at this year's LogiMAT, one thing is very clear: 2012 will be a year of great innovative potential.

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