Plastic Pallets manufactured by Craemer

Huge amounts of goods are transported, stacked and stored on pallets every day. Customers expect pallets to be sturdy, cost-effective, easy to handle and adaptable to their needs. Craemer is a major provider of plastic pallets as well as transport and storage containers. As the manufacturer of the first plastic pallet produced as a one-piece injection molding – in 1967 – Craemer GmbH has long been recognized as a pioneer and innovator.

The Range

CR - Heavy duty plastic pallet

  • Ideal for handling heavy duty loads across all industries 
  • For use in high rack warehouses or automated processes
  • Antislip topdeck for maximum load safety

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TC Palgrip® - Completely Closed plastic pallet

  • With a full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck
  • For all areas where permanent protection against moisture is essential
  • High-strength welds and innovative honeycomb structure, exceptionally resistant to impact

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Your advantages with Craemer Plastic Pallets

  • Extremely sturdy design, durable and economical
  • Highest-quality materials are used
  • Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -22 °F to +104 °F, briefly up to + 194 °F (-30 °C to +40 °C, briefly up to +90 °C)
  • Long service life
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • High load capacity


What can you expect from Craemer’s plastic pallet solutions? The answer is simple: quality, efficiency and reduced costs.

Craemer's reusable plastic pallets are manufactured exclusively from pure, high quality materials and are designed and tested for hygienic compliance. The pallets are molded in one piece, providing consistent dimensions, easy cleaning and an excellent price/performance ratio. Their design and materials ensure stability and low maintenance. Most models are suitable for all standard handling and conveying systems. High standards of quality result in an extremely low damage rate for our multi-use pallets. In this way, Craemer plastic pallets remain a dependable link in your logistics chain even after many years of service. Efficiency and durability reduce costs.

Research and development, construction and production are all under one roof in this German family-run enterprise, offering quality products and responsive customer service.

As a European market leader headquartered in Germany and with long-term experience serving key industries and a dedicated U.S. network of distribution partners, Craemer is well positioned to extend its services in the North American market – to provide customers in trade and industry with cost-effective, high-quality products and efficient, flexible solutions.