Maximum toughness for daily operations

Pooling and logistics applications place particular emphasis on load carrier quality, durability and toughness. To prove their worth in the long run, pallets need to be extremely break proof and impact resistant to withstand rough handling.

Craemer plastic pallets are highly reliable in daily operations. Especially established in pooling applications is the CR pallet with integrated reinforcement profiles. It is an ideal solution for heavy loads and complex tasks. The heavy-duty pallet performs particularly well in automated high rack systems and offers the highest dimensional stability with load capacities of up to 1.400 kg.

RFID technology facilitates transparency

Equipping plastic pallets with RFID transponders (UHF, HF) turns them into information carriers with huge potential for the entire supply chain. The use of this technology allows dynamic and flexible data management - even for processes that have fully exhausted existing identification systems such as barcodes. The benefits of this technology are manifold, as it offers a high degree of process and cost transparency.

Craemer product range for pooling and logistics applications:

CR - Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

TC - Completely Closed Plastic Pallet

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