Craemer Group at IPPE 2015: Your partner for up to 40% pallet cost reduction

Pallets are part of every aspect of modern logistics, from materials handling and intralogistics to the worldwide transportation of goods. Reason enough to aim for the perfect pallet. Finding the right pallet that fits your business needs and guarantees smooth processes and a fast return on investment is a complex task.


The offers are manifold and differences in pallet quality are significant. As are the price tags. The main decision driver that influence pallet choices are economic considerations. But is it enough to simply compare the different acquisition costs to evaluate their cost-effectiveness?


At IPPE Atlanta 2015 (Hall B, booth 8163) the Craemer Group - a leading European manufacturer of plastic pallets - will present a breakdown of the many hidden aspects that can drive pallet costs to an unexpected level:

  • Breakage cost
  • Handling cost
  • Transportation cost
  • Shrinkage/ Loss cost
  • Inventory cost
  • Downtime cost


The sum of these follow-up costs is often higher than the initial acquisition cost. Craemer created a simple calculation that includes each factor and shows the true cost-effectiveness of different pallet solutions. The comparison of a Craemer plastic pallet to a heat treated GMA wood pallet reveals: Based on a ten year calculation Craemer can reduce your pallet cost by up to 40%. Return on investment is achieved after just two years of application, making Craemer an ideal partner for future-proof, cost-effective pallet solutions.



First-class quality, maximum hygiene

Next to their cost-effectiveness Craemer plastic pallets are known and trusted worldwide for high performance on quality, hygiene and durability. All Craemer pallets are manufactured with FDA approved material and fulfill the hygienic requirements of meat and poultry processing companies:



The Craemer H3 hygienic plastic pallet complies with strict hygienic requirements and was especially designed for the daily handling of sensitive produce. Ideal for medium weight loads it is suitable for hygienic areas with fluctuating temperatures. The Craemer H3 is manufactured in one-piece for guaranteed stability. Without any recesses it is hygienic by design and allows for easy cleaning.



Craemer’s completely closed TC plastic pallets are premium hygienic load carriers for heavy-duty loads. The completely closed deck impresses with high shock resistance, uniquely strong runner connections and a patented welding geometry. Craemer’s innovative welding geometry makes structural weakness a thing of the past. The Craemer TC is completely closed, leaving no chance for water entry or contamination with dirt and humidity.




We will be at IPPE Atlanta 2015. Visit us in Hall B, booth 8163 for a free calculation of your current pallet cost. See what you could save with Craemer!


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