A versatile product range, industry knowledge and quality

Using plastic injection molding processes, Craemer develops, designs and produces high quality storage and transport containers for a broad range of applications. For many years its all-purpose range of containers has raised the industry standards in the marketplace.

An outstanding part of this range is the "White Container Program," which has set the standard in the food industry. Durable and user-friendly; customized printing is available on request.


Features of Craemer Plastic Containers:

  • Manufactured using best quality high-density polyethylene
  • Designed for practical use with ongoing, rigorous, on-site testing
  • Manufactured according to highest quality control requirements
  • Easily handled Long service life and high performance
  • Easily cleaned
  • Dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -22 °F to +104 °F, briefly up to +194 °F
    (-30 °C to +40 °C, briefly up to +90 °C)
  • Excellent load bearing capacity


Craemer Plastic Containers:

Fish Boxes with retrofittable RFID chip
The market‘s first reliable solution for secure traceability

Plastic containers • Reusable plastic containers • Large volume plastic containers • Nestable plastic containers • Stackable boxes • Hygienic boxes • Food grade containers • Storage containers • Transport containers • Large containers • Water containers • Rectangular containers • Universal containers • Road grit containers • Bins • Tubs • Stacking boxes • Special containers • Transport boxes • Stack nest boxes • Fish boxes • Crates • Ready mortar skip