Craemer stands for quality & sustainability

At Craemer, we focus on manufacturing durable and reusable products for the market. We process only authentic high-quality materials which are tested to demanding quality standards and finally approved for production.

Virgin material

Craemer HDPE, Virgin Material


  • Semi-crystalline, in its original, undyed state milky/cloudy, matt, and feels waxy
  • A distinction is made between HDPE with loosely connected polymer chains and therefore high density and LDPE with tightly connected polymer chains which are therefore of a lower density

Craemer products are for the most part made from HDPE, which is supplied in granulate, or pellet, form.

  • PE is a thermoplastic material, i.e. malleable within a particular temperature range
  • By cooling and reheating it in its molten state, this procedure can be repeated as often as required
  • The density of HDPE is between 0,94 g/cm3 and 0,97 g/cm3, i.e. it floats in water

Craemer plastic pallets and containers made from HDPE have good shape retention at temperatures ranging from -22 °F to +104 °F, briefly up to +194 °F (-30 °C to +40 °C, briefly up to +90 °C).

  • High resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals and very durable
  • Weldability

Find out more about our expertise in custom-made plastic pallets.



  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastics
  • The density of PP is between 0,895 g/cm3 and 0,92 g/cm3 (plastic with the lowest density)
  • Greater rigidity, hardness, strength and heat resistance than PE
  • It can be heated for a short period to 284 °F (140° C)
  • If the temperature falls far below 32 °F (0 °C), the material becomes brittle and friable
  • At room temperature, PP is resistant to almost all common solutions and chemicals



Craemer regranulates

Craemer recycling material, Regranulates
  • Are melted-down high-quality HDPE
  • All impurities have been removed during the course of treatment
  • High-grade purity: Thanks to state-of-the-art cleaning and production equipment and only high-quality materials from known sources
  • Consistent Quality: By maintaining stringent production standards and internal quality control we can guarantee the consistently high quality of our regranulates.


With its policy on materials, Craemer clearly distinguishes itself from the materials commonly found on the market, such as pure PE regrind, "recyclates" (ground material of low-grade purity) or mixed plastics primarily from the German Dual System, DSD (post consumer waste).



Sustainable handling of materials and substances

Craemer Sustainability

Sustainable and future-oriented management of natural resources is what we see as our mission. This is why our responsible interaction with the environment includes the withdrawal of products from circulation because of their age, or as soon as they are no longer in good working order.

For Craemer products, that takes a long time (our customers’ pallets have been in use for 10 years or more). But even for Craemer products, there comes a time to get rid of the old. Contact us - we will be happy to help you with this task. It is a good contribution to sustainable trade to start the recycling life-cycle again with this high-grade material.